Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Fill-in

My answers are in Bold. Do you participate? Leave me a link!

1. This week I made a commitment to no longer let my body let me down. It's time I take control of my well being.

2.Captain Jack Sparrow returns.

3. It's all about protein and exercise for me right now.

4. Being a red-head means I always burn in the sun.

5. I demand an awful lot of myself and it is my downfall.

6. Find and follow your own path, it's filled with many blessings that are not always evident.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to seeing Pirates of the Caribbean!, tomorrow my plans include hot yoga and gardening and Sunday, I want to just relax!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Attempt at Digital Scrapping

While I was off having my elbow surgery, I thought I would enroll in a digital scrapbooking class to see how I liked it. I honestly thought I would have time to do the class during my time off. Who would have thought that recovering from surgery can put you in a "not in the scrapping" kinda mood??

Luckily for me, the classes over at Jessica Sprague don't expire!!

I finally found some time to go thru Lesson 1 of "Up & Running". It gave you the basics, a template to follow and basically I had to just put in the pictures. There is definately a learning curve, but here is the result of Lesson 1:

What do you think?

Bird Charmer

We had such beautiful weather this weekend, I wasn't about to let pneumonia get in the way. So we took Jonah to one of our favourite conservation parks, Lynde Shores in Whitby. There are so many birds and chipmunks and the scenery is just beautiful. We brought along some birdfeed (proper,safe birdfeed) to feed the chickadees and chipmunks. Jonah was quite the charmer and was able to get the chickadees to land in his hand.

Here is a small video of it. My (not so little) Bird Charmer :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

For Today

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW ... there is a baby bunny who comes to visit at my patio door. It's like he knows I am about to grab a picture of him, so he hops away. I am determined to capture a shot of him.

I AM THINKING ...that trying to find a cheap(er) flight to Florida is going to get the best of me! ARG! So frustrating!!

WE ARE LEARNING … how to accept ourselves for who we are. All of us in the O'Hara household have been trying to overcome some challenges the past couple of months and I think we are finally making strides!

I AM THANKFUL FOR ... my son's school. I cannot stress what a difference it has been for him both academically and emotionally. Jonah has improved so much with his grades and attitude. We are working with a fantastic team at Blair Ridge!

FROM THE KITCHEN ... I am thinking it will be chilly since we are expecting thunderstorms.

I AM WEARING ... something so hideous, I won't even admit to it. Just be glad the webcam is not on.

I AM GOING ... to see the elbow surgeon again on friday. I am quite certain he will be impressed with my results. Now I just have to learn to be impressed with them.

I AM READING ... The Secret Daughter which was recommended by my friend Stacey FH. I am half way thru and I am LOVING it so far. And I am reading it on my KoBo. Have I mentioned how much I love my KoBo??

I AM CREATING ... nada. STILL!! My scrapbook room is still filled with boxes. We have just had too much on the go for me to be able to focus on that one very important room! But the good thing is that I will be going away in June for a scrapbook retreat! YAY!

I AM HOPING ... that the decisions I am making for my son, my family and my health are the right ones. I really need to just lay it down and let it be. I am very hard on myself that way. 

I AM HEARING ... the sounds of spring - lawnmowers, birds chirping, bugs buzzing - finally it feels like spring!

AROUND THE HOUSE ... it is coming together. Slowly, but it is coming together. We just need to find room for our stuff!!

ONE OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS ... trying NEW teas. I know...shocking, since I am not one to try new things. When I went to St. Annes Spa back in early May, they have tea time and always have samples of tea around. Now I am hooked. I have Grapefruit, Raspberry, Chocolate Spice, Cranberry and Peppermint. All of them I love!! You should try them!

A FEW PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK ..f. movies with Jonah, hopfully a pedicure and finally get rid of this pneumonia!!!

A PICTURE TO SHARE...Jonah participated in Wacky Friday at School. Now he wants his hair to be red and blue all the time!!