Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Crazy Story

As you know, we moved to Brooklin just over a year ago.
The situation was very spontaneous, a leap of faith really. Hell, we put an offer in on the house before we actually saw the INSIDE of it. Our main goal was to get into the neighbourhood.
And we did it.

Now we are doing it again!!

I am so not kidding.

We heard on a friday about a house that was going up for sale.

Sunday, we put in an offer!

And the funny crazy part??

The house is TWO doors down!

TWO freaking doors away!

Crazy right??

The house is on the end of our townhome row. It is bigger and since we figure we will be here until Jonah finishes at this school, we might as well  be in a more comfortable home.

So now I am in "Sell the House" hell. I hate it. Love that my house is clean, just hate the stress of it all. People walking thru my house. Stress of wondering if it will sell before Christmas.
Hate it.

Keep your fingers crossed that the house sells!

Blog Neglect

Ouch!! Has it really been almost 4 months?? Shameful.
I guess I just got carried away with life.  Not a very good excuse since that is the "stuff" I would blog about!
So if you are still hanging around my blog, I am sorry. I promise to get some updates together very soon.
Until then....