Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Bed in the House!

For the past few years, Jonah has been sleeping in a hand me down bed.
Hand-me-down as in handed down from ME!
The bed was a super-single - remember that size?? I dont even think they make mattresses that size anymore! The bed was well over 20 years old, but it was solid wood so we held on to it and made it work.
As Jonah was approaching his 7th birthday, I felt he really needed to have his own bed. Some thing fun, something different. After staying in a bunk bed at Great Wolf Lodge, Jonah was sold on "sleeping near the roof".
We are in the midst of re-doing his room. After all, he still had stuff on his wall from when he was a baby. Which is my fault, because I have a hard time letting go of his stuff. Now we are replacing it with Transformer themed stuff. He is loving it!
My parents and my sisters family pitched in for the bedding and wall hangings which he will get on the 27th. He knows about it and is very excited.
The bed has already been put up and he has one Transformer throw for now. Couldn't have his first night without something Transformer!
We do love the bed. It is a loft bed and has a desk underneath and has a lounge chair that converts to another single bed.
Of course being the mushy Momma that I am, I have already found something I don't like.......I can't climb up and snuggle with him!!! Or smother him with smooches while he is sleeping!!
I will find a way. God help me and the support beams!
Here is my boy and the new bed!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Family Day 2010

Today is Family Day!
We had made a plan of the things we wanted to do today, some went according to the plan, some didn't. But that is ok, as long as we were here as a family.
I had thought I would take a family picture to scrap, but the first thing on the list was "Jammie Day" and I have to say, I was quite happy Jonah put it on there. But that means no yucky picture of me in my jammies with my hair everywhere. So not pretty.
You are welcome ;o)
Our day started with fresh baked Cinnamon Buns thanks to Mr. Pillsbury. I also threw a roast "beast" (as Jonah calls it) in the crockpot. Potatoes, carrots, gravy and yorkshire pudding followed.
While watching some of the Olympics we played Battleship, word play and Bingo.
We also did some chores. Jonahs room is almost done! We have purged so much!! The sad thing is, we have so much more crap to purge! I also FINALLY cleaned out some of Jonah's baby stuff that I was hanging on to when I really didn't need to. I mean I saved about 15 of his baby blankets. Some things I admit were still hard, but needed to be done. We have about 4 large bags to go to the Salvation Army.
After lunch and some chores, we played hide and seek. OK, I didn't really play because of my condition so I was the "seeker". Living in a small house makes it quite funny since there isn't many options and Jonah giggles the whole time. Classic.
The Roast Beast was ready and it was perfect, better than others I have made. Gotta love easy recipes! The Yorkshires were another story. DIdn't turn out, I got annoyed and threw the pan in the sink. Oh well. Dinner was still yummy and we toasted to all families everywhere.
Next on the list - playing Martian Matters (which Jonah and Sean have already started as I type this. Then it is bath time, storytime and then off to lala-land for Jonah.
I hope you are all enjoying your families today whether you had the day off or not.
Much love!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Layout by Barb!

I received an email a couple of weeks ago from my uber talented friend Barb who asked if I had any pictures she could scrap for the LOAD challenge she is participating in. I, of course JUMPED at the chance. I had to laugh at her response - "Thanks for trusting me!" - because there was no doubt in my mind on how fabulous this layout would be.

Barb and I became cyber friends because.....well......I was stalking her. LOL. I participated in the last LOAD challenge and I was admiring her work in the gallery. I sent her an email telling her how much I love her work and how inspiring she was for me. From that exchange, we became friends!

The pictures I sent Barb were from Halloween 2009. I always take pumpkin carving photos, but my layouts were always looking the same and I was saying the same thing in the journalling. It is so nice to have a new take on the pictures!

Thanks again Barb! I really do love the layout!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

What do you do with the cards??

Jonah's class had a valentine party on thursday and he came home with a bunch of valentines - about 20. Very cute, I have to say.

I am wondering what to do with them!! I don't want to throw them out.

Has anyone scrapped theirs? I would love to see what you have done.

If you have any ideas for me or pics of your layouts, please send them to me ohara.c at

Thanks for the inspirations!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Look who's 7!

I can't believe my baby is seven. I cried when he left for school. Sigh.

Happy Birthday to my Jonah!
Love you!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This is you

My sweet Jonah,
Tonight you had a very special request.
"Mommy, can we have extra cuddle time since this is my last day of being six?"
You know how to make my heart melt.
Of course we can have extra cuddles.
No matter what day.
I can only hope that you will always want Momma cuddles.
This is you.
Your last day of being six, sound asleep.
Until I took this picture and smothered you with smooches of course.
Sorry about that.
Goodnight my six year old.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

For Today.....Feb 9

Outside My Window... The sky is grey but still seems bright outside. Expecting some snow tonight.

I am thinking... which could be the cause of the smoke alarms going off. Wow. Being off on sick leave has really left me feeling unstimulated. Crazy.

I am thankful for... stretchy pants. I don't think I need to elaborate.

From the kitchen... Pork is in the crockpot smelling DEE-LISH! Can't wait for pulled pork sandwiches.
I am wearing... my most favourite sweater and jammies from my podmate.

I am creating... a chore list for Jonah. Also creating lists for Sean and I. This house is going to be organized!

I am going... back to work on February 22nd. I am sure I will be ready by then.

I am reading... Pieces of my Sisters Life by Elizabeth Joy Arnold - still. I am finding it hard to get into reading even though I am so friggin bored. Any book, not just this one.

I am hoping... that this new bed works out for Jonah. He deserves to be in his own bed. Not my hand me down.

I am hearing... The Golden Girls. Yes, I love this show.

Around the house... we are noticing the things that need to be changed.

One of my favourite things... When Jonah comes home from school and says "Hello my sweet mommy. I am home!"

Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... Jonah turns 7 on thursday! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Here is a picture I am sharing... my hubby and I. We took a picture like this 2 birthdays ago, so I decided to recreate the moment. LOL.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I created!!

It has been very painful for me to be limited to lying on the couch. Now that I am starting to feel better and healing more and more each day, I have been able to sit at my scrap table for short periods of time.

I thought I would try to make an altered project since I could have all the things I needed on the table for me. When doing layouts there is a lot more looking, bending, etc.

Last year, I went to Lee's beach house in Cape Cod and we made a stop at the best scrapbook store I have seen in a long time (Mental note to self - need to ask Lee the name of the shop).
While at Lee's, the gals helped me make my first altered clipboard. I ended up buying some chipboard albums to alter since I liked it so much! Problem is, I bought it and it sat in my drawer.
The timing was perfect for me to get this complete. Here is what I did:

I pulled out the album and the the papers it came with. I looked for some bellies to match and pulled out my folkart paint that I have neglected.
First I painted the album - I used black to match the coordinating papers and bellies.
My first problem kicked with all projects I start, another idea comes to my mind AFTER I have already begun the steps. Instead of making the album for me, I decided to make one of my boy. That means the papers would not be appropriate. So off to find other paper I go......once I found the right paper I happily pulled out my Mod Podge. I love ModPodge. I adhered my papers to the album and then put a coat of MP overtop to give it the seal it needs.

I added my stamped images and bellies.

Here is an inside look at the album after I added the binder rings.

TADA!! All I need to add is the pictures!

It felt so great to be at my table. I have some other projects that have been started and this is a perfect time to get them completed. In small steps of course.

Let me know what you think!
What kind of mini albums do you make? Do you like to alter? What do you like to alter most? I would love more ideas!

8 Things Thursday - When you are bored

I have found that being off on medical leave and not being able to do much other than lie around on the couch, you can get bored. Very bored. As bored as a boring person in Boringville on National Bored Day.

Yep....that's how bored I am.

My 8 things are what can be done when you are bored beyond belief.

  1. You can peel off your acrylic nails by sliding a piece of plastic between the fake nail and real nail. I have peeled all but four in the past week.
  2. You can begin to have a hatred for the axe weilding turtle creature thing on Mario Galaxy that is preventing you from getting to the next level!!
  3. You can fall asleep while reading, regardless of how interesting the book is and then have the joy of waking up with the imprint of the edge of the book in your face and the page you were reading dribbled with drool. Good times.
  4. You can count the change in your change jar and then think of all the different ways you could spend the $206.85 that you have stashed in that jar.
  5. You can watch so much retro tv that you get to the point that you are wondering what Jack, Janet, Terry and Larry are planning to do today or you start relating to Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia.
  6. You can invent a new word. Mine is Frigtastic!
  7. You can become the greatest farmer or chef thru Farmville and Cafe World on Facebook.
  8. You can blink your eyes wildly for a minute and then close your eyes tightly. Voila, you have your own personal light show!

I hope your Thursday is not a boring one!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Two of my favourite singers - Elton John and Lady Gaga performed a duet at this years Grammy's. It was BRILLIANT!

In case you missed it or want to relive it - here you go~

Monday, February 1, 2010

For Today.....Feb 3

Oops....I am 2 days late ;)

For Today.......

Outside My Window... there are two squirrels either fighting or having some nookie nookie. I can't really tell. I will watch for one of them to light up a cigarette ;)

I am thinking... of how nice it will be to get moving again and back in the working game. I am so bored lying down all the time!

I am thankful for... the many reminders I have to not sweat the small stuff.

From the kitchen... I am defrosting some chili I had prepared ahead of time. Yum!

I am wearing... my grey yoga suit. Very comfy.

I am creating... FINALLY!! I actually sat at my table and altered a mini album for Jonah! YAY ME!!

I am going... to keep creating as much as I can.

I am reading... Pieces of my Sisters Life. I just started it so I can't really comment yet!

I am hoping... that Jonah is not coming down with something.

I am hearing... the tv in the background - Breakfast Television.

Around the house... definately need to get some laundry done. But I am not allowed! Hee hee.

One of my favourite things... being a witness to true, unconditional love.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... Nothing exciting, just resting and maybe some more crafting!!

Here is a picture to share... Me on my birthday with my Princess Peach cake made by Rhonda! And yes, I am aware she wears a pink dress but Rhonda made it peach since I DON'T LIKE PINK!

If you would like to participate in The Simple Womans Daybook you can visit the blog