Thursday, February 4, 2010

8 Things Thursday - When you are bored

I have found that being off on medical leave and not being able to do much other than lie around on the couch, you can get bored. Very bored. As bored as a boring person in Boringville on National Bored Day.

Yep....that's how bored I am.

My 8 things are what can be done when you are bored beyond belief.

  1. You can peel off your acrylic nails by sliding a piece of plastic between the fake nail and real nail. I have peeled all but four in the past week.
  2. You can begin to have a hatred for the axe weilding turtle creature thing on Mario Galaxy that is preventing you from getting to the next level!!
  3. You can fall asleep while reading, regardless of how interesting the book is and then have the joy of waking up with the imprint of the edge of the book in your face and the page you were reading dribbled with drool. Good times.
  4. You can count the change in your change jar and then think of all the different ways you could spend the $206.85 that you have stashed in that jar.
  5. You can watch so much retro tv that you get to the point that you are wondering what Jack, Janet, Terry and Larry are planning to do today or you start relating to Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia.
  6. You can invent a new word. Mine is Frigtastic!
  7. You can become the greatest farmer or chef thru Farmville and Cafe World on Facebook.
  8. You can blink your eyes wildly for a minute and then close your eyes tightly. Voila, you have your own personal light show!

I hope your Thursday is not a boring one!

1 comment:

Stacey said...

I'll switch with you! I'll even take your pain, just to have #3.

Hang in there. Soon enough you'll be so busy again, you'll be wishing for the boredom. :)