Monday, March 15, 2010

Calling on the SLR pros

I am looking for some input from my blog readers :)

I MAY (fingers crossed) have the opportunity to get an SLR camera.

I currently have a Canon G9 and it went poopoo on me. Luckily the person who bought it for me also bought me the warranty. Warranty says they have to give me the equivilent if they can't fix it. Since they no longer make G9s, I would get the G11.

BUT - heres where it gets interesting......the camera guy said that instead of taking the G11, why not go for an SLR. I said that is not in my budget. Then he said, they will give me the value of the G9 with NO depreciation and I would only pay the difference!! That means, I would only have to pay about $120 to get a Canon Rebel Xi1!!!!

So now my wheels are turning! What a great chance for me to get an SLR without breaking my very poor bank! LOL.

The ones I am looking at is the Canon Rebel Xi1 and the Nikon D5000.

What SLR do you have? Do you LOVE it, DO you hate it? What do you recommend??

I never thought I would say this because I lalalaLOVE my G9, but I am kinda hoping they don't fix it!

I Wish You Enough

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Some Randomness

I have been quiet on my blog and I am sorry for that. Not that there was any one specific reason for the quietness, I just was. Needed to handle some things and just didn't have the pep in me to blog.
After having the hysterectomy, I am feeling great. I know this will sound weird, but I was struggling with the "feeling good" part of me. I guess I was so used to feeling like shit in "that department" that I didn't remember what it felt like to have no pain. Weird.
Many people warned me that I would drive myself lots of ways! LOL. I was focusing so much on NOT driving myself nuts that, well, I drove myself nuts! ARGH! I ended up being so bored, I couldn't read anymore, shows were no longer funny, there was only so much of movie watching I could handle. Then there was dealing with the emotions. What a ball of fun that was!
I was annoyed that I couldn't sit at my scrapbook table, I couldn't get things organized for back to work, I couldn't clean - not that I like to, but needed to. I couldn't just get up and go somewhere or do something. It was very restricting.
When I was on the mend, I decided to conquer Jonah's room. The kid turned 7 and still had baby things in his room. We re did his room in Transformer theme and a new loft bed. That meant packing up the baby stuff. What a brilliant thing to do after a hysterectomy.
While I was off, I was also dealing with having my character attacked. Not something that I will get into here, but it was spirit crushing. I was in a vulnerable state and didn't know how to handle it. But I figured it out with the great support of friends and I am moving onward.
I admit, I went into a black hole. I was looking at the sad side of my surgery, instead of the blessing it brought upon me. My tests came back and there was no cancer. I am ecstatic don't get me wrong, I just had a hard time centering on that instead focusing on the fact that I could not have anymore kids. It didn't help that I was being told that I was "selfish" for only having one kid and that I "should have taken care of family planning before my issues came about" WTF?? Don't get me started on that!
Like I said....Onward.
I am back to work now. I had to get back into the routine, get that brain working. It feels good! I had been inquiring about a change in roles at work and that has come to fruition. I am so very happy about that. I have a new challenge ahead of me and I plan to take it on full force. Wish me luck!
So there you have it. Bare with me while I get back into the swing of things.
I missed you all!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Stay Tuned

Lots of things going on, and I have the WORST head cold ever. Not the best thing to have as I am now back to work.
I will be back soon!
Hope you will hang around!