Monday, December 5, 2011

For Today.....December 5, 2011

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW ... it is pouring rain and quite windy! Very gloomy and making me wish I was snuggled up in bed.

I AM THINKING ...that a full out family vacation will now be a yearly event after the amazing time we had at Disney and our cruise to the Bahamas. Would love to see Disney at Christmastime!

WE ARE LEARNING … or trying to learn that we cannot change the unchangeable. We need to learn how to take stress factors in stride and not let it consume us.
I AM THANKFUL FOR ... the amazing new friends I have met in my neighbourhood. It is truly fascinating how you can connect with someone and have such respect for them.

FROM THE KITCHEN ... time to make some stew!! It's been awhile and the weather is perfect for it.

I AM WEARING ... reindeer jammies and my ever-so-comfortable sweater from Old Navy.

I AM GOING ... to have my shopping done very soon! No more last minute rushing for this gal!
I AM READING ... Tell Me No Secrets by Joy Fielding. I am such a fan of Joy Feilding. How I find the time to read is beyond me.

I AM CREATING ... a lot of stress for myself. I admit it. I am a worry wart. There is so much on my plate that I need to learn to be patient and let what will be, be. Giving myself panic attacks in the middle of the night will not resolve anything.

I AM HOPING ... that our house sells quickly!!  And to the perfect family since we will be neighbours!

I AM HEARING ... the rain pound against the windows! It really makes me want to crawl into bed and just lay there listening to it. I love the sound of rain, hate what it does to my elbow.

AROUND THE HOUSE ... it is bare and clean! All to get it sold! You would never know that I am living here! LOL Some things I enjoy - like my bed being made perfect for the showings. What I hate is making the bed!

ONE OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS ... Morph Starburst. I could eat them all day to the point of being sick. They are THAT good.

A FEW PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK .... hopefully more showings, movie with Jonah and some Christmas gatherings!

Enjoy your week!