Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012

2012 was a bad year. 
Even worse than my 2009 which I was sure could not be worse. 
Apparently 2012 was up to the challenge of defeating that. 
It's also the reason why I wasn't really blogging. In fact, I have been going back and forth on whether I should just delete this blog. I've decided to keep the blog and maybe use it as some free therapy. 
The reason?
 I am not a 100% sure 2013 will be better. 
But I will put forth my effort to make it count and make some changes. 

My last blog post had me questioning myself and whether I was looking at the destination or the journey. I was not enjoying the journey of my life. I was just waiting for the "destination" part to kick in. 
It didn't. 
I need to go back to being the "Journey" type girl and making the most of it. 
It will be difficult and challenging. 
Just like 2012 was. 
What happened in 2012? 
Selling our home over the new year put us in a financial bind, my Dad had been diagnosed with prostrate cancer and needed surgery, then my uncle Bob died, then Grandma died, friend of my Dad died - all within 10 days, illnesses, broken relationships, spirit crushing changes, you name it, the list just didn't seem to end. And it didn't end well either. 
My Dads cancer is back. 
It is in his lungs, kidneys and abdomen. 
It is so aggressive that they started an aggressive chemotherapy treatment within 4 days of the doctor meeting with my parents to tell them it had spread. 
I hate cancer. 
I hate what it does to people. 
I hate hate hate hate it.  
But we have hope, we have an amazing hospital treating my Dad and we have faith. 
So we are starting 2013 with this journey. 
It will be challenging no doubt, but we are determined to get thru it.

Let the journey begin.......