Thursday, January 29, 2009

10 Things - "W"

About a week ago, my friend Lee completed an "assignment" of listing 10 things you love that start with a letter you are assigned to. I thought it was interesting, so I told Lee to assign me a random letter.

The rules of the game are simple. Once assigned a letter you are to post 10 things that you love which begin with that letter. We have had a lot of stuff going on in the family that I haven't been blogging and I thought this would be a great distraction for me.

If you want to play, leave me a message saying you want to play in my comment area or send me e-mail to ohara.c at rogers dot com. I’ll assign a random letter and on and on it goes.

Winter - as a Canadian gal, how could I not love the winter season! OK, I admit, I am not a fan of the driving in this season, but there is something about the winter glow that I love. A fresh blanket of snow, the way the air feels, building snowmen and snowforts, making snow angels, how the moon bounces off the snow, the holidays. It is a beatiful season.
Walkabout - this book by James Vance Marshall will never be forgotten. I read it in Grade 8 and kept my own copy. The book tells the tale of Mary and her young brother Peter who are the only survivors of an aircrash in the middle of the Australian desert. Facing death from exhaustion and starvation, they meet an aboriginal boy who helps them to survive, and guides them along their long journey. He takes them on a Walkabout that they will never forget.
Watermelon - I could eat this fruit all day,everyday. It is thirst quenching, messy, and so refreshing!!
WaterLily - I love the beauty of this flower. The meaning of the flower is wisdom and eloquence. Something I think we should all strive for ;)
Weddings - there is something about 2 people pledging their devotion and undying love to each other that just gets to me. I could even go to a wedding of someone I don't know! I am a complete mush when it comes to love!!
Week-ends - I love the weekends. It is our time to do what we want as a family. It is unfortunate that it is only 2 days!
Willow Trees - when I was young we lived in this house in West Hill that had a willow tree in the yard. I LOVED it. They seem so peaceful and mysterious. There was also a willow tree at the campground we went to every year and I loved sitting there reading my books. They are such strong beautiful trees.
Water Treading Tool - this is one of my favourite scrapbooking tools! I was enabled by Becky at Feeling Scrappy and I use it as much as I can! It is a wavy border bunch that you can thread ribbon through. It is by Fiskars, check it out!
Wood Burning Fireplaces - I know most houses use gas now but it is not the same for me. I love the feel of the fire, the smell, the sound. When we were looking for a house, it was one of the things that I HAD to have.
Wife - this may sound cliche, but I love being a wife. I love the idea of spending your life and sharing your experiences with one man who promises to love you forever. Go ahead and gag - I know I am a mush ball when it comes to this.
Thanks for the distraction Lee ;)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Fill-ins - Jan 23

My answers in bold!!

1. Oh, I am so loving my new kitchen!

2. Welcome, embrace and accept changes, big and little.

3. During Grey's Anatomy, I do not answer the phone! So stop calling me! LOL.

4. $11 million for a Sarah Palin Bio; are you kidding me???

5. Right now I'd like to be at my scrapbook table.

6. My G9 and iPod is my favorite gadget.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to finishing working and chilling with my boys, tomorrow my plans include cleaning and a birthday party and Sunday, I want to relax!

Seriously....what is the big deal??

OK. I am a bit confused about something.....
One week today is my birthday. I will be 35 years old. Are any of you gasping right now?? Because I'm not. Apparently I should be.
When my birthday has come up as a topic, people will ask how old I will be. That doesn't bother me. It's their reaction that bothers me! When I say, "I will be 35!" the almost immediate response is to gasp and ask "Really? are you OK??" or "Oh my God!"
So I ask my friends that have already hit this age.....what is the big deal? Does something that I am clearly not prepared for happen? Am I supposed to have some major breakdown? Will my hair fall out? Do my eyes change colour? Are people going to pelt me with tomatos when I walk out the door? Is the retirement villa down the street going to come and ask for a deposit? WHAT? Please shed some light on this for me??
I know that some people tend to get sad on their birthdays or get down about the age they are, but why is it EXPECTED that I be upset?
I am going to be 35. Who cares?? Am I happy? Yes! Am I going to have cake? DUH! Am I going to dance the night away with my friends? YES. So why would I be sad about that??
Seriously.......what is the big deal??

Next time I get that reaction, I am going to tell them to KICK ROCKS! Because it is playing on my last nerve!!
Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Haf to tell you sumping

Jonah had asked me to video tape him showing off his funky moves. I barely started videotaping and Jonah said he had to tell me something. I am so glad I had the camera rolling! One of those heartwarming moments.

Jonah never did finish the dance!

Binder Clips!!

These clips have been causing me stress!! Some of you know that I am trying new things in the land of scrapbooking. One of them is to alter a chipboard album. I have seen them done, admired them and finally bought one that says FAMILY. I had assumed (my mistake) that the clips came with it. No, they didn't.
BUT - everyone I asked who has them gave me the same reply. "Oh, you can get them anywhere!"
Great! Where the FRIG is ANYWHERE???? It wasn't at Staples, it wasn't at Walmart, it wasn't at Michaels (don't they have everything??), it wasn't the dollar store either. I asked 2 different scrapbooking stores that SELL the albums. Nope, not there.
I don't know why or how this became a big issue for me, but it did. I mean, I wasn't working on the album yet. Haven't even taken it out of the wrap for heavens sake. But what I did know was that I NEEDED TO FIND THOSE DAMN CLIPS!!!
So I sent a RANTING email to my friend Lee. I am sure I sounded like a complete basketcase. Lee assured me that Staples has them because, and get this, they are a STAPLES OWNED BRAND!!!
I had just been at the store! They said "no, we dont carry those", "Sorry, not here" and "Hmm?"
So I had left thinking I was just not meant to make one of those albums. Dramatic, eh? But that is exactly what my hormonal self was feeling.
After Lee's assurance, I decided to give it another shot.
It took 3 friggin employees, all 3 calling it a different name - Binder rings, loose leaf clips, lock clips. WHATEVER! JUST GET ME MY CLIPS!!! I didn't say that out loud. It was banging in my head though.
They were sold out of 3 size options. The only option was an assorted pack. They only had 2 packs left. I did what any gal would do who was ready to bust a vessel in her forehead from trying to find these.....I bought both packs!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I thought I would share more pics of the progress of our kitchen reno.
I have to admit, when Sean starting putting the tinted primer on I got VERY NERVOUS! It was coming out like a bright lemon! Sean just kept telling me to be patient and wait for the paint. HA! Me patient. Funny guy.

So here is a shot of the kitchen with primer. It looks better in the picture than real life. So that should give you an idea on why I was nervous! LOL

Another picture of the primer. With the light that I can't WAIT to get rid of. Can't stand it. It will be replaced with a ceiling fan.I was feeling bad about Sean doing all this work so Jonah and I headed to the closets to get them cleaned out. Below is my bedroom that clearly I ripped apart! But out of it we bagged 7.5 bags for the childrens wish clean out drive.
Now you can see the difference with the paint on it. Much deeper, warm and creamy. I love it. The handyman (for those who dont know is my husband!LOL) started on the floor. Such yucky tile he was ripping up. Luckily for me, it was hard work and he was sweating so off came the shirt!! And yes Martha, it does make for the hubby getting lucky! LOL
I'm working on the pants ;)

Sean wanted to do something different for the floor. Instead of just lying down the same throughout, he wanted to take 3 or 4 different colours and pattern them together. I can't wait to see how it turns out!!

So my kitchen is coming along really well! I have to admit, I am getting sick of take out food!!
Stay tuned for the finished flooring!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Commentary by Jonah

Jonah received this truck from our friends Louis and Lee. He LOVES this truck and was very excited because I gave it back to him today. When we have unmanaging days, we lose the truck. Jonah gets very angry when I take away his truck. He sleeps with this truck, watches tv with this truck and will even take it in his backpack to school - even though he isn't supposed to.

This is a video of him after I gave him his truck back. :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Fill-ins - Jan 16

1. Enough with the FRIGGIN DRAMA!!
2. Nothing causes me to be conflicted. I am very confident with my choices and I always stand by my convictions.
3. I've been craving ice cream. Which is weird because I normally crave chocolate.
4. Jeff Dunham makes me laugh.
5. I wish I could go to Oakville next week and hang out in the Linar Crafty Room but I have to work! I WILL find a day Lee!
6. My Uncle Ken has been on my mind lately.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to my scrapbook class, tomorrow my plans include a wonderful visit with Mark and Sandra and Sunday, I want to have the best time at Monster Jam!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

And the Renovations Begin...

When Sean and I bought this house 8 years ago, we knew that it was going to need some work. Afterall, it was almost 25 years old! But being new home owners and strapped for cash, we only changed the things that were deemed necessary. The kitchen was not deemed necessary at the time, even though we hated the wallpaper and the painted walls had dings all around. We moved on to other critical changes.

Two years ago, we decided we really needed to upgrade the main floor. That included painting, new flooring and we got new windows. An interior designer friend told us it would look amazing if we did a "monochromatic sweep" on the main floor (using the same chit but each hue on the chit thru the house). My reaction was.....HUH? Only 1 colour?? My friend said if I would trust her, she will pick the colour based on our furniture, us and the feel we were going for. I figured why not? Its only paint, right?

My friend comes back with a paint chit. Yellow. Are you freaking kidding me? I don't do yellow. She assured me it would look fabulous! *insert finger snap here* The floor was done, the walls were painted and the end result.....I lalalaLOVED it! Who knew? LOL

Unfortunately, funds ran dry. So although the kitchen was on the main floor and part of the sweep, we needed to wait until we could afford to redo the kitchen - paint, new floor, new lights.

That brings us to this week. I can't believe we stuck with this kitchen for 8 years!! Sean has been out of work for the last few weeks and isn't expected to be working for a few more. No work = no $$. So why would we be renovating with no money?? Luckily for us, we have received some Home Depot gift cards from my parents and my sister! So we have enough to buy the stuff to peel off the paint, get the paint we want and get a new light in! We already have the flooring and we are getting some ceramic backsplash for free! The only thing that will cost us money is a ceiling fan. But that certainly won't break the bank!

So....let the renovations begin!!

Here are some pictures. This is the paint chit we are using. Where my thumb is is the colour the kitchen will be. I have to admit, I am nervous because it is not as subtle as the other hues, but we are not turning back now!

This is the dingy wallpaper we have been living with. It has to be about 20 years old. It has that fake tile look. Ugh. And because it is so old, it is a bitch to get off. Well, thats what Sean says. I wouldn't know, he's doing all the work! LOL

And here is my hardworking hubby getting the wallpaper off. The beige sections you see, that would be the glue that is refusing to leave the wall! I have to say, watching my hubby work is very sexy! LOL

So hopefully by next week I will be able to post pics of my new kitchen! Stay tuned!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Faux Hawk!

Jonah's hair was getting quite unruly. He has what the hairdresser calls "reverse crown" so when his hair gets long, it stands up, never down. Very annoying I might add! Add a winter hat and well.....there is no word for the coiff!

So off to the hairdresser we went. He asked for a "Mohawk" but I told him that he can do the punk rocker green mohawk when he is 16 (lets hope he forgets!) so for now lets go with the "Faux Hawk".

Of course he has a million questions for the hairdresser, but he was also a lot more co-operative than he normally is. Mostly because it was something new for him!

The cherry on the sundae was when the hairdresser brought out the gel to spike his hair!
He can't wait to show his friends tomorrow - unfortunately it is going to be VERY cold here and he will have to wear his winter hat. Boy, that will be fun explaining that to him in the morning!

Isn't he a patooter? And yes, I am already planning a scrapbook page for this....DUH!! LOL

Jonah's Excitement

My Jonah (who is going to be 6 in a month) has some very exciting news in his world.

He has another loose tooth! This will be tooth #3.

All day yesterday he was playing with it. I told him to just leave it alone and if it is to fall out, then it will work its way out. But does a 5 year old boy listen? Frig no!

Off to bed he goes, still giving the tooth a wiggle here and there. He asked me to wiggle it and I did. It was slightly loose, but I wouldn't expect it to come out by tomorrow night in time for the tooth fairy. I told Jonah we can check on it in the morning.

Perhaps I should have been more clear on the definition of morning to my son. He did come to me this morning to excitedly tell me the tooth is "mucher looser" than it was when he went to bed. Yep, in the morning, there was Jonah. Oh, did I mention that it was 3 in the morning?? Oy vey, the kid was so excited that he bounded into my room to show and tell me!!

In my groggy state, I tried to be excited for him - even though i wanted to cry from being woken up. I checked it, yep it was certainly loose, and I told him that it was still sleeping time and we can talk about this when the sun is up! Sean, in his typical deep sleep missed all the excitement.

So at 7am this morning, guess what Jonah and Momma were talking about.......
Building a snow fort! NO MENTION OF THE TOOTH!! with a 5 year old. Tiring, but full of excitement.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Remember my 35 by 35?

Ya, well, its didn't go so well.
I had "planned" to lose 35 pounds by the time I turned 35. Since my birthday is in 21 days, I can say with great confidence -THAT'S NOT HAPPENING!
So instead, I am taking Lee's advice and I am now planning to lose 35 pounds in my 35th year.

Today I took the first step - Sean and I went to the gym together and did an honest workout. I feel great! I am also going to commit to trying to eat better. So tonight its cajun chicken and salad.

The second step I need to take is OWNING this challenge for myself. I have always been a person who will "own" it whether it has to do with an opinion or choice I have made. And so to own this, I am going to do what a lot women would scoff at - admit my weight. I know that it is not about the number, it is about losing the inches, feeling better, etc. But when I have ignored the number in the past, it did nothing but get bigger. I think having it here in type will help inspire me.

Here it is. Today, January 9, 2009, my current weight is...... 197 lbs!

To put this in perspective for some, when I gave birth to my son Jonah almost 6 years ago I weighed in at 206lbs on the day of his delivery. I am a mere 9 lbs away from that weight!!

A friend of mine told me that she thinks its great that I can "accept" myself like this. Ummm, am I really giving people the impression that I am happy with my weight?? Because in case you missed the memo - I'M NOT! LOL

So here I am, OWNING this. I am not going to weigh myself until the end of the month, which ironically is one day after my 35 birthday.

Lets hope I start year 35 off a little lighter!

Friday Fill-ins - Jan 9

I just joined this blog challenge since I was always reading them on my friends blogs - why not participate?? My answers in bold. :)

1. It's January; a fresh start to the year is always inspiring!

2. Sweets is what I crave most right now.

3. Cork and wine go together like oil and water? I don't know, I don't do wine. LOL!

4. Hearing my son tell me he loves me to the moon is so nourishing for my soul.

5. Let us dare to step outside our comfort zones and try something new.

6. I am very much in need of cleaning and renovating my home.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to having time with my son and husband, tomorrow my plans include my Godson's birthday party and Sunday, I want to chill, just hang with my boys and find time to scrapbook!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gift from Sean - he GETS it!

My Christmas gift from Sean was this beautiful digital frame.

This is not just a regular digital frame. This is a 15" Fidelity Frame. Generally, this is used by professional photographers to showcase their work.

I have always wanted a digital frame, but this was beyond my expectations. After all, I am by far NOT a professional photographer. Knowing how much these bad boys go for, and without coming across as being unappreciative, I asked my husband if he realized this was more for professional photographers and wondered why he chose this one for me.

His answer was matter of fact - "Your layouts are hidden in scrapbooks. This way we can see them all the time and so can everyone else. Now you can showcase YOUR work."

I am very lucky to have a husband who enjoys my layouts as much as I do and who is supportive of my scrapbooking habit.

My husband Sean - he GETS it!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Prognosis - GREAT!

Some of you know that my Daddy - isn't he cute? - has had surgery recently. It has been a frustrating few weeks for him I am sure because my Dad is not one to just sit and squat. He had to have a hernia operation as it was causing him lots of pain. To make matters worse, his knee started to give him a problem. It went out on him completely! So not only did he have to move gingerly because of his surgery, he had to be careful of his knee! And all of this was over the holidays!

Today he had a check up with the doctor and my mom said the doctor told him that he was doing great and to "go away and relax!"
Good thing they have a trip planned for this month!
And I am very happy that everything is getting better for my Dad.
I love you Dad!

My Word for 2009

Many of my blogging/scrapbooking friends are coming up with their word for 2009. I believe it started as a challenge on Ali Edwards's blog.

I have had this discussion with my friends on numerous occasions. My first thought about it was during a chat with Lee on MSN. When she asked me about it, I thought my word would be CHANGE. In fact, when we talked about it again in December I said the same word - CHANGE.

But then I started REALLY thinking about it.....yes I want to change many things - I want to change my image of myself, in particular my weight, I want to continue the change in my scrapping, I want to change the atmosphere around here - meaning no more negative energies in my life, make a change in my career goals - change, change, change.

But then I thought my word needed to be more. What was I planning to change? My life! So my word became LIFE. But that was already reflective of my "slogan" - Live Well, Laugh often, Love Much. That will never change.

There are so many words around us and until Lee asked me about it, I didn't realize just how much they mean.

My husband Sean has words tattooed on his body. He has our family slogan on his stomach and he has the word Truth on one arm and Faith on the other. And he does his best to live by them. To be truthful in everything you do and to have faith in yourself and others, that it can be done.

I also have words tattooed on me - Faith, Hope, Charity - on my right foot. Because I believe that you should always walk in faith, with hope, to charity.

So what is my word? What do I need to do to make sure I accomplish these beliefs? What is the goal? There was one word that was constant in my mind.

I am very happy with my word for 2009! I am going to strive to succeed in all my hopes, my dreams, my life!
Do you have a word for 2009? I would love to hear it! Please share in the comments!
I wish you all a fantastic 2009!

Monday, January 5, 2009

School Picture - 2008/09

I really thought I had posted this. My bad.
Here is Jonah's school picture for this year. I must say, I think he is pretty frickin adorable!
I am having a hard time swallowing the fact that he will be 6 years old next month. Where does the time go??

Christmas Moments