Monday, January 5, 2009

School Picture - 2008/09

I really thought I had posted this. My bad.
Here is Jonah's school picture for this year. I must say, I think he is pretty frickin adorable!
I am having a hard time swallowing the fact that he will be 6 years old next month. Where does the time go??


Cyn M said...

WOW!!! Great photo Char! Sorry I didn't get back in touch with you today! Nathan and I got held up at the gym and then while we were trying to get Ben's licence plate sticker! UGH!
I will call you tomorrow when the little man goes back to school!
Time flies though and that is why we need to spend time with them while they are little eh?

Lee said...

He IS pretty freaking adorable!

Char said...

Thanks Ladies!
Yes, time does go by way too fast.