Thursday, January 15, 2009

And the Renovations Begin...

When Sean and I bought this house 8 years ago, we knew that it was going to need some work. Afterall, it was almost 25 years old! But being new home owners and strapped for cash, we only changed the things that were deemed necessary. The kitchen was not deemed necessary at the time, even though we hated the wallpaper and the painted walls had dings all around. We moved on to other critical changes.

Two years ago, we decided we really needed to upgrade the main floor. That included painting, new flooring and we got new windows. An interior designer friend told us it would look amazing if we did a "monochromatic sweep" on the main floor (using the same chit but each hue on the chit thru the house). My reaction was.....HUH? Only 1 colour?? My friend said if I would trust her, she will pick the colour based on our furniture, us and the feel we were going for. I figured why not? Its only paint, right?

My friend comes back with a paint chit. Yellow. Are you freaking kidding me? I don't do yellow. She assured me it would look fabulous! *insert finger snap here* The floor was done, the walls were painted and the end result.....I lalalaLOVED it! Who knew? LOL

Unfortunately, funds ran dry. So although the kitchen was on the main floor and part of the sweep, we needed to wait until we could afford to redo the kitchen - paint, new floor, new lights.

That brings us to this week. I can't believe we stuck with this kitchen for 8 years!! Sean has been out of work for the last few weeks and isn't expected to be working for a few more. No work = no $$. So why would we be renovating with no money?? Luckily for us, we have received some Home Depot gift cards from my parents and my sister! So we have enough to buy the stuff to peel off the paint, get the paint we want and get a new light in! We already have the flooring and we are getting some ceramic backsplash for free! The only thing that will cost us money is a ceiling fan. But that certainly won't break the bank!

So....let the renovations begin!!

Here are some pictures. This is the paint chit we are using. Where my thumb is is the colour the kitchen will be. I have to admit, I am nervous because it is not as subtle as the other hues, but we are not turning back now!

This is the dingy wallpaper we have been living with. It has to be about 20 years old. It has that fake tile look. Ugh. And because it is so old, it is a bitch to get off. Well, thats what Sean says. I wouldn't know, he's doing all the work! LOL

And here is my hardworking hubby getting the wallpaper off. The beige sections you see, that would be the glue that is refusing to leave the wall! I have to say, watching my hubby work is very sexy! LOL

So hopefully by next week I will be able to post pics of my new kitchen! Stay tuned!!


Becky said...

How exciting! I'm sure it will look wonderful when you get everything updated.
I hhhhhhaaaaaaate taking down wallpaper. Ugh!

Jayne said...

Can't wait to see it!! So exciting!

Cyn M said...

Hey Char!!! You have to get him that "leather toolbelt" and take the shirt off! EVEN SEXIER!!!! ;)
You can tell my mind is in the gutter! ;) THAT is exactly what I would tell Ben to put on for me!
Isn't it HOT when our men do work around the house??? ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh it will be so nice when it is all done!!! I'm disappointed about the picture of Sean after what I was expecting but I did see some skin ;-)! Tip: Liquid Fabric Softener brushed over the backing of the wallpaper for some reason lift's it better than steam or hot water soaks. I am not going to be shy here...Drywall repairs suck even little nics. You are going to have to be pretty patient because they will be dust everywhere! Drape sheets over your electronics and fabric furniture for sure. I'm telling you from current experience!!!! Rob is only doing nail pops, nics and small hairline cracks and I can't see the hardwood after he sands. Central Vacuum stays on the floor all the time and used immediately. It all takes time! Patience Grasshopper!
I love Yellow!!! I have a yellow in my Mexican bdrm...I think called butter lemon and everytime I see that wall I love it! It is matched up with red brick, very mexican. So I'm glad you trusted your designer friend and you had the patience over the years to wait and do it right. I can't wait to see the end result. So exciting.

Martha said...

Sounds like fun...and the bonus?
You get to lust after the handy man/help and your husband won't get jealous, he might just get lucky! (giggle giggle!)

Good luck with project...they say renovation projects are one of the tougher challenges most couples take on!

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

Can't wait to see it all totally exciting!!