Thursday, January 22, 2009

Binder Clips!!

These clips have been causing me stress!! Some of you know that I am trying new things in the land of scrapbooking. One of them is to alter a chipboard album. I have seen them done, admired them and finally bought one that says FAMILY. I had assumed (my mistake) that the clips came with it. No, they didn't.
BUT - everyone I asked who has them gave me the same reply. "Oh, you can get them anywhere!"
Great! Where the FRIG is ANYWHERE???? It wasn't at Staples, it wasn't at Walmart, it wasn't at Michaels (don't they have everything??), it wasn't the dollar store either. I asked 2 different scrapbooking stores that SELL the albums. Nope, not there.
I don't know why or how this became a big issue for me, but it did. I mean, I wasn't working on the album yet. Haven't even taken it out of the wrap for heavens sake. But what I did know was that I NEEDED TO FIND THOSE DAMN CLIPS!!!
So I sent a RANTING email to my friend Lee. I am sure I sounded like a complete basketcase. Lee assured me that Staples has them because, and get this, they are a STAPLES OWNED BRAND!!!
I had just been at the store! They said "no, we dont carry those", "Sorry, not here" and "Hmm?"
So I had left thinking I was just not meant to make one of those albums. Dramatic, eh? But that is exactly what my hormonal self was feeling.
After Lee's assurance, I decided to give it another shot.
It took 3 friggin employees, all 3 calling it a different name - Binder rings, loose leaf clips, lock clips. WHATEVER! JUST GET ME MY CLIPS!!! I didn't say that out loud. It was banging in my head though.
They were sold out of 3 size options. The only option was an assorted pack. They only had 2 packs left. I did what any gal would do who was ready to bust a vessel in her forehead from trying to find these.....I bought both packs!!


MidniteScrapper said...

No offense, but I just laughed right out loud as I read your post! =] I had the same problem! Actually, the chipboard books that I've done come with the clips, however, when I did the Gratitude one - it got too thick. I needed bigger ones. I got mine at Staples. Found them by the other "clips". Have fun. I love doing chipboard albums. Can't wait to see what you come up with. =]

shirley said...

Ah, the search for the Binder rings. Yes, I know it well.
Like you, I could not find them in any of the craft stores (Hobby Lobby doesn't have them either). I think it's because if they sold them, no one would buy those little kits!
I did find one lonely box in Wal-Mart, so you might get lucky later on there.
Funny story and I hope we get to see your creation!

Stacey said...

What an ordeal!!!! I am glad you finally found some! Let me know if you need help altering your book. :) I've done a bunch of mini books. And my tutorials on Paper Popsicles might help, too. :) Can't wait to see it!

Tricia said...

oh geez! You made me giggle at work today! If you need bigger ones or ones in colors, my LSS sells them individually. So does the United Art and Education.