Sunday, January 30, 2011

Friendship and Honours

What a wonderful birthday surprise from my very talented cyber friend Shirley! I have not met Shirley in real lfe (maybe one day!) but I feel like I have known her forever. I enjoy reading her stories and seeing her brilliant photography on her blog. There is so much I am learning from Shirley. She has inspired me on many levels. Be sure to check out her beautiful life. You can find Shirley's blog Here.  
Thank you so much Shirley!!

For this award, I am to tell 8 things about myself and then pass the award on to 8 more people whose blogs I adore.
8 things about me -
  1. I have to sleep listening to my ipod playing a thunderstorm.
  2. I have a ridiculous fear of spiders. I can sense when they are in a room and I will find it. If I find a spider in my room, I will sleep on the couch, even if it has been smooshed.
  3. I have always wanted to go skydiving, but I am too afraid to get into the plane. I have no fear of jumping out of it mind you.
  4. I cannot do anything creative if my feet are bare. 
  5. When I filled out my corporate profile, I listed "Roller Coaster Tester" as my dream job.
  6. I have 5 tattoos and I don't regret a one. 
  7. I CANNOT live without my tv. Love my tv shows. 
  8. I cannot say the word NAPKIN properly. I pronounce it NAP-I-KIN. I just can't blend the letters "P" and "K" together. Same with PUMPKIN.

Now, to pass this along to 8 more people. I wouldn't be surprised if it has already been awarded to these ladies.

Kari Ann

Another Year Older

That is exactly how I a good way! Today is my birthday and you see, darling hubby of mine actually had me convinced....CONVINCED....that I was turning 39.
I am not 39.
I am not even 38.
Yep, I am 37.

In all honesty, other than my 31st, birthdays never really bothered me. Why get upset? It's not going to change anything. And it is the perfect excuse to indulge in cake!! But when I thought I was 39, I felt like I had missed something. Well hello. I did. Two years apparently!! It just made it even more clear to me that every day, every word, every moment needs to count. Never have regrets. Continue to discover.

Today I will be celebrating my birthday with my family - truly the best way to celebrate. We are all going to a lunch buffet. YUM!  

Another year older - Whatever!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

For Today

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW ... the sun is shining bright and reflecting off the newly fallen blanket of snow. Although I am not a fan of driving in it, I think snow is wonderfully beautiful.

I AM THINKING ...that I need to make lists. Better lists. And act on them. To do lists, meal plans, grocery lists. Need to get better organized.

WE ARE LEARNING … how to make things fit in a smaller house. This means purging. A lot of purging. And you know what? It kinda feels good!

I AM THANKFUL FOR ... my son. I still look at him in amazement, full of pride and love. I can't imagine my life without him, even on the days he drives me nuts. Given that I was told children could never be for me, I will take the nutty days!

FROM THE KITCHEN ... it is a stew kind-of-day. I love my crockpot and often wonder what I would do without it - especially since I work full time.

I AM WEARING ... grey track pants and a warm sweater.

I AM GOING ... to be 37 on Sunday. The number isn't bothering me because a week or so ago my darling husband had me convinced that I was going to be 39! Isn't he a peach?

I AM READING ... The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I am just in the early stages of it, but have been warned by more than one person that this is a dark read and I should not read it before bed. Unfortunately, that is when I do my reading!!

I AM CREATING ... nada. My scrapbook room is still filled with boxes. We have just had too much on the go for me to be able to focus on that one very important room! It is driving me nuts!!

I AM HOPING ... that my elbow holds out until my surgery date. The screw is often protruding from my skin and now my hand is numb almost everyday. This cold weather does not help! I have a month to go and I just hope I can make it and not end up in the emergency room.

I AM HEARING ... the sounds - good and horribly bad - from the American Idol try-outs that I taped. I am pleasantly surprised with the new judges. Steven Tyler is hysterical and Jennie from the Block is not as bitchy as I had assumed. Now if they would just get rid of "The Dawg" I would be happy.

AROUND THE HOUSE ... is piles of laundry that seriously need to be tended to. Finally a clean kitchen, messy front doorway but things are coming together and I am loving our home. All in due time is what I keep telling myself.

ONE OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS ... my beloved tea. I could drink it all day. And I have. Which is why I sometimes have the shakes. Totally worth it.

A FEW PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK ... PA for Jonah on Friday, a birthday pedicure, tobagganing birthday party for Jonah, my birthday on Sunday - Mandarin for lunch! YUMMY!

A PICTURE TO Monster Jam boy, complete with a Grave Digger foam hat!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Art Award!

Jonah's school has a monthly award program called "The Five A's" - Athletics, Arts, Attitude, Academics and one other one that escapes my brain right now.

Jonah was very excited to hear that he was receiving the Arts award! The school hosted an assembly and invited the parents to see the kids receive their awards. Jonah was so very proud. WE were so very proud.

Jonah with his award
All students who received the Arts award
Jonah with his principal Mr. Island