Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Prognosis - GREAT!

Some of you know that my Daddy - isn't he cute? - has had surgery recently. It has been a frustrating few weeks for him I am sure because my Dad is not one to just sit and squat. He had to have a hernia operation as it was causing him lots of pain. To make matters worse, his knee started to give him a problem. It went out on him completely! So not only did he have to move gingerly because of his surgery, he had to be careful of his knee! And all of this was over the holidays!

Today he had a check up with the doctor and my mom said the doctor told him that he was doing great and to "go away and relax!"
Good thing they have a trip planned for this month!
And I am very happy that everything is getting better for my Dad.
I love you Dad!


Tricia said...

so glad to hear of the news! Great blog header too!

Amy said...

Char, that is wonderful news!

Lee said...

What a cutie! So glad he's feeling better. Louis had a hernia operation about 5 years ago. Painful. Hard to watch them go through so much pain.

Where are they going on their trip? Warm and sunny I hope!

Char said...

Thanks Gals!

Yes, they are going on a cruise! They love cruising.

The Walker Family said...

wonderful news! I hope he enjoys his vaction and hopefully you can relax too!