Monday, January 12, 2009

Jonah's Excitement

My Jonah (who is going to be 6 in a month) has some very exciting news in his world.

He has another loose tooth! This will be tooth #3.

All day yesterday he was playing with it. I told him to just leave it alone and if it is to fall out, then it will work its way out. But does a 5 year old boy listen? Frig no!

Off to bed he goes, still giving the tooth a wiggle here and there. He asked me to wiggle it and I did. It was slightly loose, but I wouldn't expect it to come out by tomorrow night in time for the tooth fairy. I told Jonah we can check on it in the morning.

Perhaps I should have been more clear on the definition of morning to my son. He did come to me this morning to excitedly tell me the tooth is "mucher looser" than it was when he went to bed. Yep, in the morning, there was Jonah. Oh, did I mention that it was 3 in the morning?? Oy vey, the kid was so excited that he bounded into my room to show and tell me!!

In my groggy state, I tried to be excited for him - even though i wanted to cry from being woken up. I checked it, yep it was certainly loose, and I told him that it was still sleeping time and we can talk about this when the sun is up! Sean, in his typical deep sleep missed all the excitement.

So at 7am this morning, guess what Jonah and Momma were talking about.......
Building a snow fort! NO MENTION OF THE TOOTH!! with a 5 year old. Tiring, but full of excitement.


Lee said...

NEVER a dull moment! Jonah's a hoot :)

Stacy said...

I completely agree with Lee. It is never a dull moment with a 5 year old. Gabe lost both of his bottom front teeth, not even 24 hours apart in September. Then he goes and loses his top 2 front teeth on December 20th and December 21st-again not even 24 hours apart. So, he is completely toothless in the front. I kept telling him to leave them alone, but he just couldn't listen. :-)