Monday, January 12, 2009

The Faux Hawk!

Jonah's hair was getting quite unruly. He has what the hairdresser calls "reverse crown" so when his hair gets long, it stands up, never down. Very annoying I might add! Add a winter hat and well.....there is no word for the coiff!

So off to the hairdresser we went. He asked for a "Mohawk" but I told him that he can do the punk rocker green mohawk when he is 16 (lets hope he forgets!) so for now lets go with the "Faux Hawk".

Of course he has a million questions for the hairdresser, but he was also a lot more co-operative than he normally is. Mostly because it was something new for him!

The cherry on the sundae was when the hairdresser brought out the gel to spike his hair!
He can't wait to show his friends tomorrow - unfortunately it is going to be VERY cold here and he will have to wear his winter hat. Boy, that will be fun explaining that to him in the morning!

Isn't he a patooter? And yes, I am already planning a scrapbook page for this....DUH!! LOL


Amy said...

Ohmygoodness, how cute is he?!

Lee said...

Too flipping cute, love it. Good luck getting his hat on this morning :)

Sandra said...

Look at him!!! He is so kissable!! He's a lil' ham, but soooo cute! I miss him loads!

Jayne said...