Saturday, January 17, 2009

Commentary by Jonah

Jonah received this truck from our friends Louis and Lee. He LOVES this truck and was very excited because I gave it back to him today. When we have unmanaging days, we lose the truck. Jonah gets very angry when I take away his truck. He sleeps with this truck, watches tv with this truck and will even take it in his backpack to school - even though he isn't supposed to.

This is a video of him after I gave him his truck back. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Jonah, make sure you take it in for an oil change. Im happy to hear that you're enjoying the truck.

Have fun!

Mr. Louis

Jayne said...

He is so stinkin cute!

Stacey said...

He's soooo cute!! My joshua gets that excited about his race cars. i have threatened to take them away a couple of times but I haven't. I suspect we will have a major meltdown when i do and joy like Jonah's when he gets them back!! LOL

Shannon... said...

Wait'll they get older! The things I have to take away... iTouch, computer time... oh it never ends. Enjoy him while he's still young and perhaps innocent ;)