Monday, March 15, 2010

Calling on the SLR pros

I am looking for some input from my blog readers :)

I MAY (fingers crossed) have the opportunity to get an SLR camera.

I currently have a Canon G9 and it went poopoo on me. Luckily the person who bought it for me also bought me the warranty. Warranty says they have to give me the equivilent if they can't fix it. Since they no longer make G9s, I would get the G11.

BUT - heres where it gets interesting......the camera guy said that instead of taking the G11, why not go for an SLR. I said that is not in my budget. Then he said, they will give me the value of the G9 with NO depreciation and I would only pay the difference!! That means, I would only have to pay about $120 to get a Canon Rebel Xi1!!!!

So now my wheels are turning! What a great chance for me to get an SLR without breaking my very poor bank! LOL.

The ones I am looking at is the Canon Rebel Xi1 and the Nikon D5000.

What SLR do you have? Do you LOVE it, DO you hate it? What do you recommend??

I never thought I would say this because I lalalaLOVE my G9, but I am kinda hoping they don't fix it!


Angela2932 said...

Oh, Char, this is exciting! I love my Nikon D300s, but started with a Nikon D40. My son has the Nikon D5000, and really likes it.

If you go to, to the photography message board, and google canon vs. Nikon, you'll read extensive pros and cons for both. Mostly, everybody seems to love what they have, but an enduring recommendation is to go to a store, and feel both in your hands, and that the feel and heft, and controls seems to be more powerful in helping you decide than almost anything else. Have fun! It's a wonderful journey, learning the DSLRs!

shirley said...

Hi Char!
You know I'm a Nikon girl (like Angela). I don't know enough about the Canon Xi1, but know that the D5000 is a very capable camera.
Keep in mind that a DSLR will be bigger than your G9. If you don't care about the larger size, then you will love the added capability of a DSLR.
I have the Nikon D300, but I started with the D70. An equivalent camera now is the D90. But get this - the D5000 has the same sensor as the D90. I know of a couple photogs that went from the D300 to the D90 then to the D5000. So it's a fully capable camera.
You can go to for comparisons. They do a very detailed review.
Good luck!

Barb said...

Oooooh, how awesome! I have an old Canon XTi, and I love love LOVE it. I've taken over 12,000 shots with it, and I can't even remember what life was like before I got it. lol

The beauty of dSLRs these days is that you can shoot primarily in auto, and your photos are great... and if/when you have time, you can learn to go off auto and get some cool effects... but really, I can do almost everything I need to in program mode with my XTi.

JessicaDewey said...

I just bounced over here and haven't ever read your blog before BUT my sister has the canon rebel(i think it's the xi1 she just got it in january) and absolutely loves it. It is absolutely amazing. My life isn't so vivid as the photos she gets with that camera.