Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Bed in the House!

For the past few years, Jonah has been sleeping in a hand me down bed.
Hand-me-down as in handed down from ME!
The bed was a super-single - remember that size?? I dont even think they make mattresses that size anymore! The bed was well over 20 years old, but it was solid wood so we held on to it and made it work.
As Jonah was approaching his 7th birthday, I felt he really needed to have his own bed. Some thing fun, something different. After staying in a bunk bed at Great Wolf Lodge, Jonah was sold on "sleeping near the roof".
We are in the midst of re-doing his room. After all, he still had stuff on his wall from when he was a baby. Which is my fault, because I have a hard time letting go of his stuff. Now we are replacing it with Transformer themed stuff. He is loving it!
My parents and my sisters family pitched in for the bedding and wall hangings which he will get on the 27th. He knows about it and is very excited.
The bed has already been put up and he has one Transformer throw for now. Couldn't have his first night without something Transformer!
We do love the bed. It is a loft bed and has a desk underneath and has a lounge chair that converts to another single bed.
Of course being the mushy Momma that I am, I have already found something I don't like.......I can't climb up and snuggle with him!!! Or smother him with smooches while he is sleeping!!
I will find a way. God help me and the support beams!
Here is my boy and the new bed!!


chemgrl said...

Yay for the new big boy bed! I would be sad if I couldn't snuggle with my little ones too. The only thing holding us back from buying bunkbeds for Noah was the fact that he had to be at least 5 to sleep in the top bunk, so we ended up getting the kids sleighbed type frames with really high mattresses!

Jayne said...

Awesome bed for a kid! I would have loved that - glad he does too!

Colleen Sibley said...

I love it! What a transformation!!

Kyla said...

FABULOUS! How cool is THAT?! (And just for the record, I'm not fond of those loft beds either . . . how on EARTH are you supposed to crawl up there and read bedtime stories, for Pete's sake?!) So glad he is thrilled about all the changes. You will be too, when you get it all finished. It just takes a little time to adjust. ((hugs))

P.S. You have an award over on my blog, if you wish to accept it. ;)

Barb said...

Oh, how awesome is this?! I would love to get one of these for one of my boys and then put the two beds they're in right now together as bunk beds, as they were designed to be!