Monday, February 15, 2010

Family Day 2010

Today is Family Day!
We had made a plan of the things we wanted to do today, some went according to the plan, some didn't. But that is ok, as long as we were here as a family.
I had thought I would take a family picture to scrap, but the first thing on the list was "Jammie Day" and I have to say, I was quite happy Jonah put it on there. But that means no yucky picture of me in my jammies with my hair everywhere. So not pretty.
You are welcome ;o)
Our day started with fresh baked Cinnamon Buns thanks to Mr. Pillsbury. I also threw a roast "beast" (as Jonah calls it) in the crockpot. Potatoes, carrots, gravy and yorkshire pudding followed.
While watching some of the Olympics we played Battleship, word play and Bingo.
We also did some chores. Jonahs room is almost done! We have purged so much!! The sad thing is, we have so much more crap to purge! I also FINALLY cleaned out some of Jonah's baby stuff that I was hanging on to when I really didn't need to. I mean I saved about 15 of his baby blankets. Some things I admit were still hard, but needed to be done. We have about 4 large bags to go to the Salvation Army.
After lunch and some chores, we played hide and seek. OK, I didn't really play because of my condition so I was the "seeker". Living in a small house makes it quite funny since there isn't many options and Jonah giggles the whole time. Classic.
The Roast Beast was ready and it was perfect, better than others I have made. Gotta love easy recipes! The Yorkshires were another story. DIdn't turn out, I got annoyed and threw the pan in the sink. Oh well. Dinner was still yummy and we toasted to all families everywhere.
Next on the list - playing Martian Matters (which Jonah and Sean have already started as I type this. Then it is bath time, storytime and then off to lala-land for Jonah.
I hope you are all enjoying your families today whether you had the day off or not.
Much love!

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