Saturday, February 13, 2010

What do you do with the cards??

Jonah's class had a valentine party on thursday and he came home with a bunch of valentines - about 20. Very cute, I have to say.

I am wondering what to do with them!! I don't want to throw them out.

Has anyone scrapped theirs? I would love to see what you have done.

If you have any ideas for me or pics of your layouts, please send them to me ohara.c at

Thanks for the inspirations!

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chemgrl said...

Go out to you local dollar store and get a set of baseball card holders. You know the ones where they look like plastic paper pages, but they have the separate little pockets for the cards? Get those and store the cards in there. You might have to fold some of the cards, but I have found that most of the valentine cards that the kids give are already folded. You can then cut a few little journalling tags to include in a few of the pockets and print out some 2x3 inch pictures to include too. Sort of Ali Edwards style. Works like a charm!