Thursday, February 4, 2010

I created!!

It has been very painful for me to be limited to lying on the couch. Now that I am starting to feel better and healing more and more each day, I have been able to sit at my scrap table for short periods of time.

I thought I would try to make an altered project since I could have all the things I needed on the table for me. When doing layouts there is a lot more looking, bending, etc.

Last year, I went to Lee's beach house in Cape Cod and we made a stop at the best scrapbook store I have seen in a long time (Mental note to self - need to ask Lee the name of the shop).
While at Lee's, the gals helped me make my first altered clipboard. I ended up buying some chipboard albums to alter since I liked it so much! Problem is, I bought it and it sat in my drawer.
The timing was perfect for me to get this complete. Here is what I did:

I pulled out the album and the the papers it came with. I looked for some bellies to match and pulled out my folkart paint that I have neglected.
First I painted the album - I used black to match the coordinating papers and bellies.
My first problem kicked with all projects I start, another idea comes to my mind AFTER I have already begun the steps. Instead of making the album for me, I decided to make one of my boy. That means the papers would not be appropriate. So off to find other paper I go......once I found the right paper I happily pulled out my Mod Podge. I love ModPodge. I adhered my papers to the album and then put a coat of MP overtop to give it the seal it needs.

I added my stamped images and bellies.

Here is an inside look at the album after I added the binder rings.

TADA!! All I need to add is the pictures!

It felt so great to be at my table. I have some other projects that have been started and this is a perfect time to get them completed. In small steps of course.

Let me know what you think!
What kind of mini albums do you make? Do you like to alter? What do you like to alter most? I would love more ideas!

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Becky said...

WoooHooo! It looks fantastic Char!
I've never made a mini album and have only altered a couple things.