Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Newest Addition :)

As some of you know, my Canon G9 - affectionately known as Candice - was not feeling well. Of course, it happened when I wanted to take pictures of Jonah at a school trip. Sigh. Murphy's Law I guess.
Candice was a gift from my very good friend Mark. Lucky for me, he also bought a warranty on her!! So I took her in to the camera doctor to get her fixed.
At this time, it was mentioned to me that if they do not fix Candice, then she will be replaced. Since they no longer make the G9, I would get a G11. It was also mentioned that I could just pay the difference for an SLR.

(that would be the wheels in my head spinning)

I was INTRIGUED! I would never be able to afford an SLR on its own. Paying the difference was an awesome opportunity. I began my research on SLR cameras.

The front runner was the Canon Rebel T1i. For the reason that I figured I would stick with Canon. Some of my scrappy friends told me to check out the Nikon D3000 or D5000. As did my friend Sheri, who researches items like I do :)

After MUCH reading of manuals, reviews, opinions, many trips to various camera stores to fondle the SLRs; I had made my decision.

Then I got the phone call.

"Your camera has been fixed. Please come in and pick it up."

Goodbye SLR fantasy. I was still happy because Candice was all better. I really loved my G9.

I show up at the store to pick up my camera. They took it out of the bubble wrap and I immediatley noticed something was not right. I told them it wasn't my camera. They confirmed the name and serial number, but there was something not right! I asked to see the camera. I was shocked to see that the corner of my camera had been damaged, banged in actually. And the lens front was chipped and scratched! I did not bring it in this way.

A manager was called over, she typed something into the computer and then said, "I'm sorry, it appears that your camera was dropped."

Dropped?? Would they even have said anything to me??

The manager called the camera dept and asked them to bring up the G11.


I requested a gift card for the replacement as I wanted to investigate the SLR option further.

So....without further ado......please meet my new addition:


It is with many thanks to Mark and many thanks to Peter that I was able to get the Nikon D5000. I am so happy with my choice. I am so grateful for generous friends, clumsy repair people and warranties!

Next step......learning how to use her!!


Lee said...

Isn't serendipity wonderful? What a combination of circumstances to bring Daphne into your world :) It's all about the feel. Enjoy getting to know her!

Char said...

It sure it wonderful Lee! I enrolled in a class on BPS which is showing how to get out of auto and actually use the camera! I am excited!

Stacey said...

That is so exciting!@!! Congrats!

Barb said...

What a beautiful camera, Char! Congratulations. :)
And I've already seen some of the lovely photos you've taken. <3

Momma@Live. Laugh. Pull your hair out said...

You named her Daphne!

Now what do I name mine????