Saturday, May 8, 2010

Play Hard

There are many times that while I am reading my friend Lee's blog, I have a smile on my face when I see pictures of her boys playing in their sports - and yes, sometimes a shudder when I see a photo of one of them playing really hard - like being at the bottom of a rugby pile on! Yikes.

Well, I got to experience a shudder myself.

Daddy had this brilliant idea (note the sarcasm) of building Jonah a ramp for him to do jumps on with his bike. Yes, I know we did things like this, but now that I see Jonah doing it......sigh.....

Jonah went for a bike ride with his friend - the Dad's tagged along. Apparently Jonah decided to try a bigger jump in the greenspace near our house.


On his bike.

Over the handle bars he goes....

And yes, that is dirt in the corner of his mouth!

Why does he look so proud? LOL.

Help me Lee!

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Lee said...

Oh yes! Excellent work, Jonah! Raising boys is certainly not for the faint of heart! Expecially when they love "the rougher the better" sports and activities. Help? Wine, Char, plenty of wine. And polysporin!