Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Life is a Journey

There is a sign hanging in my home that says:
"Life is a journey, not a destination"
It is one of my most favourite sayings and I was thrilled when I found a print of it in Urban Barn.
It also reminds me of my Uncle Bob who would say something similar: "It's not the destination, its the journey"
He couldn't be more right. I miss him.

I've been looking at the sign quite a bit lately.
Wondering if I am actually enjoying the journey or just waiting for the destination.
I've always been a "journey" type gal but lately its been the destination. Which is why I have been so frustrated.
I assume.
What the hell am I waiting for? Why am I waiting? Why am I no longer just going with the flow?
Maybe it's because this year has been so full of changes - good and bad - and I expect more to come.
Maybe I want to control the changes coming our way, or maybe I am just impatient wanting them to be here.
Regardless, I need to go back to enjoying the journey.
I will continue to gaze at my print to remind myself to enjoy the journey.
And to think of Uncle Bob of course.

What about you? Are you a journey taker or destination seeker? Any words of wisdom?


Jayne said...

SO wierd that you would write this today as I have also been considering this. Lately I have been "waiting" for things before I start...when I lose wait...when I have someone to go with...when the weather is nicer...etc but all that is doing is making me miss the ride. Time to change this way of thinking for sure!

KC said...

When I started having kids I found myself constantly restless for the next stage. The sleepless nights made me long for the nights they would sleep through. The painful breastfeeding made me long for the days of solid food. When the terrible two's hit, I willed the time away. I wished and I blinked and my children's lives passed me by. One day I woke up and realized it was over. They would never be a newborn in the curve of my arm. I would never get to see them totter their first steps again. I cried at my selfishness. And then I swore that no matter the trials and frustrations, I would savour each day with them. I fail. Almost daily. But I recognize it and wake up each day with a new resolve to try harder and be better and to love my kids more than I did yesterday. Every single night I pray to a God I don't even know exists, and thank him for the wonder that is my children. The best part of me. In spite of me. Eight years has been a blur. But I swear the next eight will be more appreciated. One day at a time. I'm gonna enjoy every rock, hill and valley on this journey and pray that final destination never really comes.