Sunday, March 16, 2008

Damn these Germs!

The sickies just never end here. We were at the doctors on friday because Jonah's eye was hurting him. Turned out to be pink eye. He was very upset because this meant he was missing out on his friends Lego party. We got some ointment from the doctor and thought we would be ok for Miss Emilys 3rd birthday party on such luck. When you tell a child - a stubborn child at that - to make sure he does NOT rub his eyes, what do you think he will do? YUP, rubbed his eyes too many times and now the pink has spread. So, birthday party #2 this weekend is a bust. Happy Birthday Miss Emily. We love you!

We are feeling like we are living in a germ bubble that just keeps recycling illnesses! Sean is sick, I was sick, Jonah is sick, then back again we go. Sick, sick, sick! But we are determined to not let it get us down. So a smile on our face we sport, make some popcorn, cuddle under the blanket and watch a movie together - can't go wrong with that! Viewers pick? Stellaluna!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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