Monday, March 24, 2008

A conversation between a boy and his mommy....

This conversation happened this morning. I was in my office, Jonah was downstairs.

Jonah: Mommy?
Me: Yes, Jonah.
Jonah: (louder) MOMMY?
Me: YES, Jonah
Jonah: Do you know where my red car is? You know, the one I got from Nana and Papa? You know, the really, really, really fast one? You know which one Mommy? The red one?
Me: Yes, you took it to bed with you. Check your room.
Jonah: It's not there.
Me: Check again.
Jonah: But Mommy, I did. It's not there.
Me: Check again.
Jonah: But MOMMY, its not there. Can't you look for it?
Me: Jonah, it is in your room.
Jonah: I didn't see it.
Me: Check again.
Jonah: But Mommy, can't you look for me?
Me: Jonah, just check your room.
Me: Dude, just check your room!!

Stomping up the stairs comes Jonah.....after 2 minutes in his room......

Jonah: Mommy!! You are the bestest mommy ever!! You knew I wanted to play with this car and you knew this was special! Thank you mommy! You are the most beautifulest, most bestest Mommy ever! I love you!
Me: I love you too Buddy.

Sometimes, it is that simple.

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