Sunday, July 27, 2008

I have eyebrows!!!

Yes, I have eyebrows and I am very excited! There are very few people who can understand my excitement with this statement. My girlfriend Sheri who was the one who got me into waxing my eyebrows in the first place and my cousin Sarah who also faces the same eyebrow dilema, being a fellow red head.
You see, it may seem irrellevant to some, but having light large. What makes it worse for me is that my bangs are slighted to the side, which means that 1 eyebrow is slightly covered. The brow that is not covered gets more sun - you see where I am going with this? If you pulled back my bangs, it would actually look like I only have ONE EYEBROW! I hate it! Can't stand it!
I thought about tattooing my eyebrows permanently but was afraid that it would be the wrong colour and I wouldn't be able to fix it. Even though I have 4 other tattoos, this made me nervous.
So, instead I got them tinted. And I love it! I have had it for 2 days and people have already made comments. It will only last about a month, but thats ok. Considering it cost me only $8, it is something I will definately do monthly.
YAY for my eyebrows!!


Lee said...

I can appreciate your joy, my roommate in university has non-existent brows they're so blonde! Post a picture. Miss you bunches, chickie :)

Cyn M said...

Funny!!! My eyebrows are dark in the middle and then they go lighter as you get closer to the hair line! I have also tinted my eyebrows! Great concept eh?

Miss ya!


Charlene O'Hara said...

I am working on the picture Lee. I promise.

I agree Cyn, best concept ever! I even took my eyebrows out to breakfast on Sunday I was so proud of them! LOL. I know, I am a whack job.

Miss you both too!
Love Char