Thursday, November 26, 2009

Honest Scrap Blog Award

I received this wonderful blog award from two of the greatest bloggers I know - Lee and Kyla.

THEY are honest in their blogging, in their scrapping, in their friendships, in everything they do. Straight from the heart. I am very lucky to know them both.

Getting this award kind of made me giggle. Often at times, my honesty can be overwhelming for some! HAHAHA. But that is who I am. :)

I'm supposed to pass this award along to 7 bloggers who write from their heart. I am SURE there will be duplicates, but just know that there is one more gal who thinks you are pretty spectacular :)

1. Monica

2. Steph

3. Kim

4. Jayne

5. Stacey FH

6. Vikki

7. Becky

Lee and Kyla too of course!

I am also to provide you with ten things that you may not know about me:

1. I swear WAAAY to much. Granted, you probably did know that.

2. I got in trouble at Graceland for sitting on a bar stool.

3. I am having a torrid affair with Jon Bon Jovi. I can't say he is a willing participant ;-)

4. I have an addiction to chocolate.

5. I cannot scrapbook or play games in my bare feet. If I feel them, I am distracted.

6. I was told I would never be able to get pregnant - by 3 different doctors. Jonah proved them wrong.

7. I have a fear of airplanes. They make me freak out. Ironically, I would love to skydive. No problem with jumping out of them, just can't get in them.

8. I cannot use a public washroom without gagging. Lee got to witness that on our drive to Cape Cod.

9. I have to sleep listening to my iPod play a thunder and rainstorm.

10. "Kife" is a family word that has been proudly passed to Jonah. It is a substitute word for....well.....a lot of other words! Mostly in the negative.

And there you go!!!

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