Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Tree Meltdown

Christmas is my most favourite time of year. Everyone who knows me well knows that. I love everything about it.

Especially the Christmas trees.

We have a beautiful, big, bushy colourful tree. I love it. It was expensive when we bought it, but so worth it.


Moving into a smaller house means things have to be sacrificed. I knew that moving here. But I never imagined it would be my beloved tree that I would have to sacrifice.

It didn't fit!! No where. Unless I removed furniture, which I seriously considered doing.

I was upset (hence no pictures) but that wasn't the worst of it.

We went out to buy a "slim" style tree - which no offense to anyone who has one, but they just don't make me happy.

I went with Martha Stewart - can't go wrong with her can I??

Commence meltdown!

This tree was terrible. I wanted to launch it out the back door! It was worse than a Charlie Brown Tree.

Martha should be ashamed to put her name on that piece of crap.

I cried. Jonah saw me cry and I felt bad.

I went out, had to just leave the decorating because I couldn't deal with any other mishaps. While I was out, Sean and Jonah bought another tree and put it up.

When I came home, my sweet boy said to me "Mommy, it doesn't matter what the tree looks like, as long as we put a lot of love in it, it will be beautiful!"

I cried again. And honestly, the tree isn't that bad.
Meltdown over.

Smoochrellas all around for my men. They certainly know how to make me happy.

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