Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Shoebox

I love my church. I really do.
The messages are always clear and uplifting.
I have never been to a service where I haven't laughed or cried.
Brooklin Village does many wonderful things to help those in need.
One of those wonderful things is Operation Christmas Shoebox.
Everyone is asked to take one, two, ten boxes to fill.
The requested items are things we often take for granted.
Combs, toothbrushes, a small stuffy.
Jonah was proud to stuff four boxes.
Something so simple. A box of needs for those in need.
At the service, the children all carry the boxes to the front so we as a congregation can see the good that is being done.
It was a beautiful sight!
A few pics from service:
Jonah with Pastor Peter and 2 of his boxes.
Jonah being silly with Pastor Dean - or quite possibly, the other way around.
The kids lined up in front of all the boxes.

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