Friday, February 11, 2011

8 Years Ago

8 years ago my life changed.
It was a change I thought I was prepared for.
I was wrong.
I never expected the impact to be so strong.
I never expected my heart to feel the way it does.
I never expected the new found respect I felt for other women.

In June of 2002, I learned my life was going to change.
I knew it would be different, I knew it would be great.
But there was a lot I didn't know.
I would learn.

8 years ago my life changed.
On February 11, 2003 I became a Momma.
It is a moment I will never forget.
It is a moment I will cherish for a thousand lifetimes.
It was a moment the doctors told me would never happen.
Thank GOD they were wrong.

8 years ago, my life changed.
For the better.
It completed me.
It showed me what true love is.

8 years ago today,
Jonah William O'Hara came into this world
In to my life
In to my soul
In to my every breath

He is 8 today
I feel like he just arrived
Yet, I feel like I have known him forever
He is funny
quite a character
and the most loving boy you'll meet

He is my proudest accomplishment.

Happy 8th Birthday to my Jonah


Shers-lynn said...

You made me cry!!!! :) I love that shot of you snuggling him in all of his newness.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Jonah!

Sandra said...

Your words are just as beautiful as your family! You have such an amazing family and such a beautiful little (big) boy inside and out! You have done an outrageous job being a Momma!! xoxo