Sunday, February 27, 2011

Surgery Tomorrow....AGAIN

Have I mentioned that I am sick of surgeries? Sick of hospitals? Sick of being broken?
Well, if I haven't here it is......


Tomorrow I am going in for another surgery.
Hopefully this will be the last.

This surgery is to repair my elbow.
I broke my elbow in April of 2009 and it hasn't been the same since.
There is very little strength in my left arm, I can't bend or flex fully.

The kind of break I had is seen once every 2 years apparently.
Not very common.
I stick to being unique, even when breaking bones.

The screws they put in are now falling out.
Sometimes you can see the screw protrude out of my skin.
Not pretty.

The plan is that the doctor will remove the one screw, possibly the second one if they can. Then they will cut out a cartilidge type thingy that is in the bottom of my elbow preventing me from flexing/extending. They will manipulate the tendons and muscles and what have you to hopefully give my arm better mobility. They will also remove the scar tissue that has formed from the last surgery.

Sounds like a frickin fantastic time, doesn't it??

Have I mentioned I am SICK of this crap??
I am.

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