Saturday, March 5, 2011

Reflections of February

FEBRUARY 2011 - a big month for the O'Hara Family!

• I can hardly believe my little man turned EIGHT! Just seems impossible that time has passed so quickly. It was an exciting milestone for Jonah since technically he doesn't have to ride the car in a booster. He knows it makes Momma feel better if he does, so he obliges.

• I struggled with the fact I have an eight year old. Not that I felt "old", I just wanted to keep my little boy, a little boy. Is that too much to ask??

• We had a birthday party for Jonah. Not sure where my head was on that one. Total chaos! I didn't expect that I would have to implement a "No Kissing" rule either!! I quickly learned that Grade 2 is quite the soap opera!

• Had the chance to see some movies this month - The King's Speech, which was brilliant and so deserving of all the award nominations and No Strings Attached, which was quite funny and made me a little more drawn to Ashton Kutcher. I haven't really been a fan of his, but I really liked him in this movie!

• Saw firsthand how the tides of friendship can last decades. A very good friend of the family went thru a terrible medical scare, but he did not weather it alone. The arms of friendship enveloped him, gave him encouragement and a lot of positive energy. We are thrilled that the test results have all been positive and we keep the faith that it will continue to be positive. It still warms my heart that friends, who really are more like family can be each others mast in the storm of life.

• Figured out how to get over my dislike of the local grocery stores. Don't shop there! Brilliant, I know. I found out that Grocery Gateway (a grocery delivery service) uses Longos! I love Longos, but there isn't one in Durham. It costs me $9.95 extra to have my groceries brought to my door. I love it and don't care if people think it is lazy. It saves my sanity of having to shop in the local grocery stores. Happy girl is me.

• It has been a cold month! I am thinking Mr Groundhog got it all wrong!! BRRRRRR!! Even though it was quite chilly, what I found mind-boggling was all the cancellations around the city. Umm, hello? Is this not Canada??

• February also welcomes a holiday called Family Day. We spent the day as a family, with some close friends, The Lams at the local swimming arena. The kids had a great time playing while the parents had a chance to catch up. Dinner at McDonalds Playplace followed. Game night at home was a wonderful ending to a great day.

• We continue to reap the benefits of Scene Points and took Jonah to see Gnomeo and Juliet. It was a cute film that had a good storyline. It still makes me laugh at the "adult humour" found in movies that are over the kiddies heads.

• I am completely in love with my KoBo eReader that I recieved for my birthday. I have downloaded some books, thanks to a gift card from my parents and sister it also has a fancy case and booklight. I am currently reading "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". It is so easy to take anywhere, so easy to use and read from. LOVE my KoBo!!

• My elbow surgery date is finally here - last day of the month! March will definately bring on the healing lessons and test of patience. I have had a lot of anxiety about this surgery, more than needed really. The past two years have been a struggle for me, more than I have let on and I just want to have it over and done with - with good results. I know there is a lot of hard work ahead, but I will get thru it. I have had so much support from my friends and family it's overwhelming.

How was your February??

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