Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pancake Tuesday

A delay in posting these pics!
It may sound corny, but I love Pancake Tuesday!
Yes, I know I can have pancakes for dinner any time of year,
but having a designated day makes it all the more fun!
It's like pumpkin pie. I love it but only eat it at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

One year, things were kinda rough and I FORGOT about Pancake Tuesday.
How could that have happened??
My mom sent me an email this year to make sure I remembered.
It was a tradition she started with our family afterall.

So this year, I remembered.
Jonah was so excited to have pancakes for dinner.
He even helped Daddy make the pancakes, which was a first time cooking for Daddy!
A plus of being on disability ;o)

We stacked them up, smothered on the butter and topped them with syrup.
It was DELISH!!


Stacey said...

They look yummy! I want to have pancakes now! :)

Cheri said...

Not a fan of pancakes myself - just wanted to say, I love your banner!