Wednesday, May 14, 2008


The past few weeks I have been experiencing challenges - different challenges. Some have been good, some annoying and some that are making me question myself - those are the ones that really piss me off.
Of the "pissers" one of them has to do with weight loss, the other has to do with doubting myself as a mother.
Jonah has been a montessori boy since he was 18 or 19 months old. This is a private school that is not funded so we pay an expensive tuition. We figured we would be paying money out for daycare, why not put the extra out there and give him a better education?? Well, we decided that for senior kindergarten we would put him in public school - it would save us money, he will have the chance to adapt before grade one, and it will be his last year "being a kid". Meaning that for the rest of his school life, he will be in school all day! So why not let him have the year that he will have school for half a day and be a kid the rest of the day. Sounds right to me. I have thought about this, lost sleep over this, prayed for the right answer. As a mom, do we ever feel that we have made the right decision?? I honestly do feel like I made the right choice but I think the emotion side of this is getting to me and that pisses me off. No one ever said being a mom is easy but MAN making decisions that can affect your childs life is so consuming!! UGH!
OK, that was one vent.....the other is my weight. I joined a Biggest Loser Challenge on a scrapbook site I visit regularly. It is challenging me to lose the weight for the team I am on. I want to do this, I want to feel good about myself, want my husband to find me sexy, want to look good in my friends wedding, want to enjoy scrapbooking pictures of myself for frigs sake! But let me tell you, I hate water, can't do the water. Frankly I think it tastes like shit and I am pretty sure a cows ass would taste better. I gag when I try to get it down. SO that would be the annoying part of my challenge....
BUT I have had good challenges. I enrolled in an online class that is helping me be more creative with my scrapbooking. I love the class, the women in the class are amazingly funny, encouraging and very welcoming! Every week there are assignments. You are given a few examples and you try to make your own rendition of it. I have tried some new things that I have never done and will continue to step outside the box because of this class.
Bottom line, I know challenges are good for us. Its just find ing the perfect balance. Well, I guess I just gave myself another challenge.....find that balance Char! LOL

OK, done with my vent. Have a wonderful Victoria Day Weekend!
Peace Out!

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