Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Toothless Wonder

It has been an exciting time in our house as we had 2 back to back visits from the tooth fairy!!

Jonah's front bottom teeth have been wiggly for some time. He came to show me that he could "bend" the tooth all the way back. Of course, the scrapbooker that I am, had to take a picture!

Daddy was teasing Jonah and asked him if he wanted Daddy to pull it out - Jonah said, "what?" and Daddy just repeated the last part "pull it out" - SO......Jonah did. He just reached in and popped it out. No tears, no drama, just excitement at the fact that he no longer has a front tooth!

So that night we put it in his special tooth fairy pillow that he received as a baptism gift. He didn't want to fall asleep in case he would miss the tooth fairy! He finally did drift off and the tooth fairy came to take his tooth. She left Jonah with a shiny Loonie and a Toonie! I heard Jonah wake in the morning and I could hear the whispering cheers followed by 2 "kerplunks". Jonah was very quick to put his money in his piggy bank. I asked him what happened and he told me the tooth fairy left him "monies". He said "I got 2 whole dollars!" - since I had the inside on the tooth fairy, I said, are you sure? What did they look like?" Jonah replied "one was gold, one was silver AND gold". So I told him that was actually 3 dollars. You would think he won the lotto! We had to call Daddy right away at work to tell him the good news.

We had to make our phone calls to tell everyone else, Sarah, TeeTee, Nana, Papa and everyone we saw - mailman, grocery clerk - everyone!

Jonah heads off to school to tell his friends. When I picked him up, we had more exciting news! The other tooth fell out! So now Jonah has both his bottom teeth gone, and the cutest little gap in his mouth. So once again, we get a visit from the tooth fairy - another $3. Jonah was very excited to have $6. When we asked him what he was going to do with the money, he said he is keeping it in his piggy bank until he has enough money to take Mommy and Daddy to Subway for dinner! At this rate...Meatball sub, here we come!

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