Saturday, May 10, 2008

Time to part ways

Today we had a garage sale - Sean was so happy to be getting rid of the "junk" that is taking up all this space. Now to me, it was not junk...ok, some things maybe - but I have always been a packrat (thanks to my Dad).
The items that dominated the garage sale were mostly baby items - Jonah's highchair, swing, carriage, carseat, and MANY toys. Now I should mention that Sean has been trying to clear these items out of the garage for quite some time! But I would not budge. I was afraid to get rid of these items because of how I would feel. Would the memories be gone? Would we have another baby? So Sean and I negotiated. I got to keep the playpen! LOL
Seeing people look thru my boys things and barter a price was not too enjoyable I admit....but then this lady approached me. She told me her "young" daughter was pregnant and because they are tight for money, they need to find the main items thru garage sales. After talking with this lady a bit, I found out that her "young" daughter just turned SIXTEEN! I could see the disappointment in this strangers eyes, but also saw the twinkle when she said "it will be hard, she has no money and we are supposed to be retiring soon - but at least this baby will know what it is like to be loved." That did it for me right there. I started giving her things for free and that feeling of doubt of selling Jonah's baby items, soon went away. I know that this baby will enjoy the items just like Jonah did and she will be able to give that baby comfortable and reliable furniture. Memories of Jonah with those items will not go away, I realize that now. More will be made!!
I wish this stranger baby, who is having a baby, all the best and hopes she enjoys every moment.

And yes, Sean is quite happy that very little stuff made it BACK into the garage.

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CloverGirl said...

You're a generous and thoughtful lady, Char!

Congrats on freeing up some room.