Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Setback

Christmas Eve is a busy day in general for people. We usually have an easygoing day, but still full with traditions - we bake, watch White Christmas, Christmas stories and family time.

I was baking a ham, Sean's fave, and getting things ready when Sean yelled for me to grab a bucket. Out of the hood of the range water was trickling out - at a fast pace I might add. This is not something we needed - especially on Christmas Eve! We have had a lot of snow and it was raining out. I thought we were going to have serious water damage somewhere but was trying to maintain calmness.

Sean removed the hood of the range and found.......

....yes, that is a birds nest. The whole time I kept saying, "Please dont let there be a bird there, please don't let there be a bird there!" No bird, just some feathers.

We cleaned it all up and in the process I found TWELVE cookbooks that I haven't looked at or used in years. So they will be freecycled. But more importantly, no more leak!!

We didn't get around to watching White Christmas because we were behind "schedule". Still lots of wrapping to do. White Christmas will need to be another day.

Happy wrapping, happy santa tracking, happy night to you!

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JoanneK said...

OMG>..LOL....I think I would have completely freaked out...I have this weird bird phobia...they are fine outside but inside is a totally different story!