Monday, November 22, 2010


This is me........ least this is how I feel.
At wits end

We have been in the new house two months and we are still trying to get things "settled" in. We are certainly living in "livable" conditions, but we are still figuring out where things are to go.

Now we are adding in Christmas decor!!

Problem is that we moved at our most busiest time of the year.
Fall always brings weekend plans - every weekend. That leaves no time to work on the house.
Working all day, then having committments in the evenings, by 9pm I am ready to crash!

I know it will get better.
I am just overwhelmed and I hate the feeling.

If I take any more deep breaths, I will be hyper-ventilating.

Tell do you handle your stress or feeling of being overwhelmed??

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