Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wizard of Oz Experience

One night while searching the Rogers guide, I came across the Wizard of Oz.
I decided to record it even though I hate taping movies on cable since
they have commercials. Perish the thought, eh?
I am surprised I don't have this movie on DVD or BluRay actually.
Afterall, this was a childhood fave in my family - in particular my sister Dawn.
It is her favourite movie - next to the Vacation series. LOL
I had held off showing the movie to Jonah in the past because he is a sensitive kid.
I was afraid it would cause nightmares.
I know. I'm a suckhole.
We got all settled in with the blankets and snacks and turned on the movie.
It didn't start off too well.
Jonah could not get over the fact that the beginning was in black and white.
It irked him to no end.
To the point that I ended up briefing him on what the dealio was with the running away,
the storm, the farm hands.....and I fast forwarded.
I stopped just before the house lands in Munchkinland.
Once Jonah saw the colour, he was enjoying it a lot more.
Oh how we are conditioned!!
He LOVED the munchkins, hated the witch and thought Glinda was pretty.
He found it amusing when the trees were throwing apples, felt bad that the tin man
had been holding the ax up for so long and he wants to see a horse of different
colours in real life. His favourite character seems to be the Lion.
He was always laughing at him.
Then the ending came.
And the black and white was back.
A big sigh of disappointment.
I asked Jonah what he thought of the movie.
He responded, "It was pretty sick." - which in 7 year old land means "cool".
"EXCEPT the beginning and end."
He did tell me that he is putting this on his "Movie Want List" so
that made me happy!
I do love our movie snuggle time.
Wonder which classic I should introduce him to next......hmmmm.

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