Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Broken Promise

So I broke a promise.
But its really not that serious.
I said I would be a good blogger, posting more often.
Then my life fell apart.
Well, I felt it was falling apart.
Whoops. Broken promise.
I probably should have used my blog as a venting place, online therapist.
But I was just too deep in my pity party hole that I didn't even consider it.
Now things are picking back up.
And I do miss blogging.
Spewing my random thoughts, sharing my good times - its really the best kind of therapy.
And the cheapest.
So I won't make another promise, but hopefully my blog will get back to normal.
And hopefully I will still have followers.
If not, I will be talking to myself. Not cool.
So if you are still out there, thanks for being patient.
Love Char

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Jayne said...

Sheesh! I left two comments on this post yesterday and I just realized I wasn't signed in! Anyhow - we all take a break sometimes - we all need a break sometimes. I also missed blogging - it is hard to get back into it when no one is reading but it does feel good to write! And hey - I'm reading :)