Monday, January 21, 2013


Everytime I look at this picture, I am filled with emotion.
And not just because it is a stunning picture of a beautiful bride.
It is who the picture is of. 
Could this really be the baby girl my uncle had to sneak me thru the labour and delivery ward at Peterborough Hospital because I was not yet 10 years old (too young to visit back then).
Is this really the little girl making "gully gully" noises with her soosie?
Is this the little girl who would make me arts and crafts?
Could this possibly be the young girl who taught me the marble game?
Or the girl who wanted to hold my boyfriends hand because he was cute?
Or make me dinner?
It is that girl. 
That girl who has grown into an amazing beautiful woman.
My cousin Pamela.
I was so honoured and proud to share her wedding day with her.
I still cannot believe that our little Pam is now a wife. 
A wife!

Isn't she beautiful??

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