Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Good of 2012

Now that I posted about my 2012 sucking large, like big hairy moose ball suckage, I realized I would be a total jack-ass if I didn't acknowledge that there was some good in 2012. Good that I am very appreciative of.

  • The year started with my birthday being acknowledged by some pretty terrific friends. They all wrote sweet messages, tied them to balloons and left them all over the new house. I loved it. 
  • Although it had us in a huge financial pickle, we have a wonderful house. We made it our home which is not something we did with the first one in Brooklin.
  • We celebrated the lives of those we lost. Beautiful tributes. Seeing and feeling the love. While it was sad to lose them, I have to see the "good" in the lives they led and how much they meant to people. 
  • Being a Sunday School teacher for my church to our 3-5 year old members. It is so heartwarming to see and hear faith from their perspective. So innocent and honest. 
  • Celebrated Canada Day and being Canadian with our forever friends making it a tradition.
  • Discovered Lovesick Lake. A place we will definately be visiting every year with our good friends.
  • Celebrated a marriage of my beautiful and amazing cousin Pamela. I was honoured to speak (thru tears) at her wedding and witness so many memorable moments at one of the most important days of her life.
  • Scrapbook weekends away with awesome friends.
  • Meeting KISS and seeing them play with Motley Crue. Amazing. 
  • Reliving the 80's with some more flashback concerts - Pat Benetar, Loverboy, Journey.
  • Welcoming two adorable pups into our lives - one planned, one a rescue. Charlie and Dexter!
  • I've met some new wonderful friends that I look forward to getting to know better.
  • I've discovered new things about myself. And others. 
  • We had many gathering with friends, lots of laughs that were needed.
  • And the highlight of my year......My family was shown the generosity of my community and friends at a time when it was needed most. I have mentioned on numerous occasions how much I love and adore my friends and the community in Brooklin I live in. I cannot say it enough. I love them with my whole heart. 

And that is how I am going to look back on 2012. 

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