Monday, January 7, 2013

Hello Monday....

Hello Monday is a Meme that I have seen around on a few blogs, in particular my friend Lee's brilliant blog. If you do not read her blog, do it! Lee found it on another brilliant blog that I am now happy following.
It's a great way to reflect on what your week has just entailed or what is coming up for the new week. I learn a lot about my friends busy lives this way. If you participate, leave me your link in the comments!

Hello 2013 - please be kind.
Hello Routine - now that holidays are over I am looking forward to getting back to our daily routine. I'm sure it will be bumpy the first few days. 
Hello Work - back to the grind I go. I have some pretty fantastic and supportive collegues who had my back the past few weeks. Time for me to get back to it. 
Hello Scrapbook Room - so happy to be getting my room organized so I can spend more creative time in there instead of just moving stuff around.
Hello Jillian Michaels - so happy to have you back on the Biggest Loser. This season I promise to not snack on chips and sweets while watching the show. 
Hello Sid Dickens - I am in love with your art blocks! 3 more to go and my wall block is complete!
Hello Projects - time to get going and get you completed this year!
Hello Move More, Eat Less 2.0 - I joined the amazing Cathy Zielske's class and I intend to learn from it, own it and document it. I can't wait to see the 12 month transition. 
Hello Feeling Scrappy Classes! - Jayne's fun and inspiring sketch class starts today! Good thing I started getting my scrap room in order. Maybe this time I can actually participate! It's not too late to join. Check out  Jayne's Blog here :)

Hello Monday - You may not be my favourite day of the week and you make me feel panicked. I still salute you as you set the tone for my work week. 

Have a great week friends!


shirley said...

Awesome list, Char. But you didn't end your post like you said you would on Lee's post!

I'm planning to join in. Will probably post my first late one tonight!

Char said...

HAHA, you are right Shirley!! Next one :)