Friday, April 4, 2008

"I'm So Excited"

I woke up Sunday morning with these words tumbling out of my mouth. And I didn't just say it once....I said it over and over again thru the morning. It was a feeling that everyone should have each and every morning they wake up. My cherished friend Colleen said this should be our motto! The feelings I had that morning were beaming out of me. I was excited to be with my husband who has been working some odd times and I haven't had a chance to really see him. I was excited for my boy, who just seems to be growing up so quickly right before my eyes, excited to see our cherished friends for a lunch date after church. That was was so excited to go to church today. And those of you who know me from before would be surprised to know that. But indeed I was. The feeling I had when I woke up set the tone for the day. Even Sean was asking, why are you so excited to go to church? The reason felt simple but was actually quite complex and at the time I wasn't aware of the power behind the simplicity. It starts with friendship, guidance, love, and honesty, to which gives you strength and courage, then leads you to understanding, acceptance and quite possibly, Forgiveness.
This past Sunday my family felt the outpouring of all of these things from not only our friends, but people who did not know us. It was a feeling that I will never forget and hope that when another lost person needs to feel that power from other people, that we can give that back. The world has so many negative energies pulling us down that we are struggling to stay above it all.
This negative energy is something my husband has been dealing with for some time. He has anger from past events, puts his hands out to others only to be bitten and has never really understood true relationships since past relationships were painful. Because of this, trust and being able to let go has been a struggle, for us both really. But seeing my husband push his pride aside, feel other peoples energy and just let go is something I will not soon forget. Maybe I was have a premonition that his would happen and it built up the excitement as wel as the other things I mentioned. At the end of the day, I was smiling like a fool and was still excited! LOL.
Today we also helped raise 3 tonnes of food for a local food bank - why wouldn't I get excited about that!!
Sunday was a day I just didn't want to end. I hope we, as well as others, have more days like these.

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Anonymous said...

Charlene, you should be an inspiration to everyone! Your words are honest, pure and beautiful. You have opened your heart, and let your light shine!