Monday, April 7, 2008

Sucky Sunday

Yesterday was such a crappy day that I could not wait for it to be over, which is really disappointing since I was very excited about Sunday.
The day started with me waking up and feeling like I had ridden a horse for 99 hours! OMG! We went roller skating (quad style) for my sisters birthday and my body found muscles it didn't know it had! YEEEOOOWWZZZER!!!! But it was a blast so it was worth it. This was nothing.....
Getting ready to go to church with Jonah, excited for the controversial sermon that was to be, when the phone rings 5 minutes before I am ready to leave. It was Sean, he had an accident at work. A metal trough fell on his neck. He wanted me to come and get him (because YES we still dont have a vehicle for Sean and he is too stubborn to call 911) But that was fine, because I would want to be there for him. I was very upset and worried about Sean. So church was not to be (intervention I believe). Jonah and I picked up Sean, he was soo tired and just wanted to rest. How strange....a man not wanting to go to the doctor....that is so not common! ;). His neck had a huge cut and welt on it. If it was just a little higher, 911 would have had to be called. His elbow was also hurt from the impact. So Sean rested for the day.
After coming home from my sisters (pie for her birthday, which I am not gonna lie, was crappy pie! Jonah picked it for Tee Tee - sorry Dawn!), anyway, we were having tea getting ready to bathe Jonah when a call from my mom comes in.....James is being taken to the hospital via ambulance. It was the hospital right near my house so off I ran after a mini emotional breakdown in my living room. I was there before the ambulance and watched as it came down Harwood. I could have thrown up just seeing that. Out of the back on a stretcher comes James. My poor nephew, who has diabetes, was in pain from his muscles seizing. He was still light hearted as he always is and we joked around and even took pictures! Turns out his body was dehydrated and his insulin level was too low from all the exercise hes had and it caused his muscles to seize. We had to wait a few hours before they could tell us this. We left the hospital, not feeling the 100% confidence we should have, but what do you expect from free healthcare.
I got home to Sean about 11:30pm - happy that there was only 30 minutes left in this sucky sunday.
Today, Monday, was a new day. Sean was feeling great and James was also feeling much better - thats all that mattered today.
A much better day than yesterday!
Peace, Love and Health to all.

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