Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jonah's First Goal!!

It would just figure.....the first soccer game I miss and Jonah scores his first goal! All because of my damn toe!

I am so sad that I missed it. He was so proud of himself. You see, Jonah is not the fastest runner, not the most talented on the team, and often, he is not the best listener when it comes to the coach giving instruction. But he seems to love soccer and always wants to play. And he really does try hard to run with the other boys. So the fact that the best player on the team passed it to him and he scored must have been the best feeling for him!! AND I MISSED IT!!!!

I am so proud of my boy. Go Blue Crush!

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CloverGirl said...

YAY, Jonah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I remember DS's first goal. How exciting. I'm sorry that you missed it, but he won't remember that you weren't there when he's older...he'll just remember the goal.

I coach soccer, and I love it when my kids who aren't "the best on the team" but try their very hardest play well and/or score. It's so great to see their excitement, and they earned the accomplishment.

I hope you got him ice cream! :)