Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Pinky Toe

Who would have thought that a tiny body part could caused me so much pain!!!

Yesterday I was hurried getting Jonah ready and myself ready for my morning exercise with Sarah. As I came downstairs, my foot hit the couch peg. It went in between my fourth and pinky toe.


I thought I broke it because it was....not a part of my foot anymore! LOL. I had many colourful words that I NEEDED to say, but Jonah was there. Sean had a look at it and since I could wiggle it, he thought maybe it was "just dislocated" it is supposed to hurt less?? LOL. So Sean tried to pop it back in. We heard the pop, but DAMN did it hurt! I was crying and biting on the pillow.

As the day went on, my whole foot swelled out and walking was painful.

This morning, I am very tired. Everytime I moved last night, my foot hurt. Today it looks bruised and is swollen.

So off to the doctor I go today and hopefully, the toe pain subsides. This tiny body part causing a bigger pain in another body ASS!!!!

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