Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Cape Cod Crew

L to R - Nel, Lorraine, Me(back), Judy, Lee(back), Monica, Jayne, Lindy

I have blogged about my experience in Cape Cod and posted some pics, but I wanted to tell you about the wonderful ladies I was with - the Cape Cod Crew!

As is often found in groups of women, there can sometimes be tension, not getting along and even catty issues. Not this week!! We all fit together like we have all been friends for years. It was a great feeling to be able to just be yourself. So without further adieu....introducing the Cape Cod Crew!

Monica - OMG, need to squeeze her up, put her in a bottle and sell her on the store shelves. She is ADORABLE! I know a lot of grown woman hate to be called that but I mean it in a very good way! LOL. She makes me giggle and her laugh is contagious. Monica is a brilliant photographer and her layouts are awesome. I tried to rub up on her just to get a smidge of her creativity.

Nel - Frickin hysterical this gal is. Not only does she have the funniest stories and "good news-es", she is so down to earth. I felt like I have known her for a long time. And she was so kind to go into town and get my missing scrapbook piece so that I could tour the town with the other gals. Thanks Nel!

Lindy - Have you ever met or known someone that smiles when they speak? I met her! Her name is Lindy. And I am serious, she smiles when she speaks. Even when she is fired up about something, there is a smile. Lindy sat at the scrap table with us and made a beautiful altered box. Now I am on the hunt for shoe boxes! Loved meeting Lindy and look forward to the next time we meet.

Lorraine - The Cupcake Lady - I haven't tasted her work, but I have seen pictures. Amazing work. You need to check her out. Lorraine is half my size but she packs a punch. I love that she is so matter of fact. It is refreshing really. Lorraine was also kind enough to help me with my elbow therapy exercises and is the one who found Jonah his "Frankie" and even modge-podged it for me. Can't wait to see Lorraine again and sample her cupcakes.

Jayne - Love my Jayne. We were roomies and there was no awkwardness there! We laughed liked schoolgirls and chatted until the wee hours in the morning. I have chatted online with Jayne since last summer when I became a forever student at Feeling Scrappy. When Lee told me she was invited, I was thrilled! Jayne is so down to earth and so talented! I loved creating with her and getting to know her better.

Judy - Sweet as sugar is Judy. She didn't know me from Adam and that did not matter to her. Judy is engaging, interested and full of pitchah! And has the most awesome Boston accent EVER! I only got to spend a day and a half with Judy, which was too bad. But I am so very happy I got to meet her!

And then there is Lee.....there is so much I could say about this woman. Lee is an amazing friend to so many people. So gracious to open her home to us. Lee was a wonderful hostess, gave us a tour of the Cape, always made sure we were comfortable and having a good time. How could we not? I don't think I have ever laughed so much in one weekend. Lee has been very supportive with my roller coaster of a year and this time away was exactly what I needed. It is so nice to talk about many things in life with someone who is real and doesn't sugar coat things. Lee lives authentically. I admire that. Thank you Lee for a fantastic time away and giving me the opportunity to meet such amazing women and see the sites of Cape Cod.

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Jayne said...

Such great descriptions! Miss you and love ya too! {{hug}}