Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cape Cod Holiday

This is so overdue! I came back from my fantastic holiday in Cape Cod and was plowed over by work and life in general!
The trip was amazing. The ladies, even more amazing. I will be posting separately about them :)
I drove down with Lee. So great to chat away! And I have 2 major milestones from that drive!!

1) I didn't fall asleep! I tend to fall asleep when riding in vehicles. Has nothing to do with the company. I started to lose consciousness toward the end, but the point is I made it! LOL

2) I used a public washroom. Not once, TWICE! Lee got to witness my gagging reaction to having used a public loo. To me, washrooms are like bowling shoes - seats of a thousand asses. Gag.

The 5 days in Cape Cod were refreshing. We shopped, we ate, we chatted, we shopped, we toured, took photos, hunted seashells and shopped some more!

At Lee's recommendation, we had some "must see" spots:

Scargo Tower - It was not as big as I had pictured from Tricky Dickys description (he was a character and a half!). The view from the top was beautiful. Scargo Lake is actually shaped like a fish, fins and all.

Glass Blowing Museum - a quaint shop with some beautiful pieces. They have a viewing window so you can see how they blow and shape the glass.

Local Scrapbook Store - how could we not visit here!! I really liked this store. I wish we had one in Ajax just like it. The gals in the store were so helpful and patient with all my questions. They had great treats in there!

Local Cemetary - ok, I admit it seems weird to go to a cemetary, but this was unique! It is the resting spot of many revolutionary and civil war vets. It was fascinating to read the inscriptions on them. Some were specific - Died at 47 years, 6 months and 18 days. Some were vague - Died at sea 1807. Some even told stories! So-and-so died after being captured on a rogue ship and was drowned. I love history and being in the cemetary was eye-opening.

We also drove by General Hale's house (I took a picture of his grave), stopped for some All American Ice Cream, walked the beach and toured the grounds to take in the beautiful flowers and natures smiles. We also created. I made a clipboard with the help of the girls, especially Monica who helped me file since I couldn't with my elbow. We also sat in the gathering room and chatted away - until I leaped out of my chair because of a grasshopper figurine that scared the shit out of me. He had been sitting beside me the whole time and I never noticed. When I did, I yelled. What a fool. I took a picture of him. LOL.

We sat and chatted about any and everything, laughed wholeheartedly and meshed together like peas and carrots. It was a fantastic time, thank you again to Lee.

Here is a slideshow of some of the pictures that were taken.


Jayne said...

Your photos turned out great Char! Can't wait to start working on teh pages so I can rfelive the memories! Hope your elbow is doing well!

Jayne said...

Your photos turned out great Char! Can't wait to start working on teh pages so I can rfelive the memories! Hope your elbow is doing well!